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TEEN: Where The Wind Blows

Where The Wind Blows
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During a visit to Celestic Town, Cynthia introduces Diantha to her grandmother. — Phaesporiashipping. CynthiaDiantha.
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Jan 3, 2024
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Where The Wind Blows
Rating: T
Genres: Romance, Femslash, Fluff
Warnings: Moderate Suggestive Themes.
Characters: Cynthia, Diantha, Professor Carolina.
Pairing: Phaesporiashipping (Cynthia/Diantha)
Links: Archive of Our Own | Fanfiction.net
Since I'm slowly posting my fanfiction here... I decided to post a piece I enjoyed writing. I blame the Masters' Eight in the Journeys anime for making me ship these two, haha. Enjoy.
Pokémon © GameFreak and Nintendo.

Cynthia stopped at the door of her old family home. The wind chime that hung over the nearby window tinkled among the strong breeze. Nothing had changed since she last saw it. The wooden structure, sliding door, and thatched roof were all the same.

"We're here," she said.

Diantha met with the wind chime, her fingertips traced the painting of the chime's glass. Simple brush strokes of cherry blossoms in a myriad of colors. A pink paper streamer hung from below – decorated in a floral pattern.

"Is this the wind chime you made as a child?" She asked.

"Yes. My Grandmother loved it so much that she keeps it outside our home," Cynthia explained. "I had a passion for making charms when I was younger. I am surprised she has kept it for so long."

Diantha saw her reflection through the glass, smiling softly. "It's beautiful."

Cynthia declined to comment when she noticed a familiar figure in the window. Professor Carolina was setting up the table, pouring green tea over the two cups that sat adjacent to each other. At the center sat a plate of purple pastries. Clearly, her grandmother was prepared for her visit.

It had been several months since she last saw Carolina. Both were so busy with their own lives that hardly there was time for visits. Cynthia was devoted to exploring ruins and furthering her archeological studies when she visited other regions. Along with her status as Champion of the Sinnoh region, entering some tournaments out of interest. Her grandmother continued as head of Celestic Town's research center, but her time there was nearing an end. She believed that her granddaughter was visiting her out of concern for her health.

That was only part of the reason. She hadn't kept tabs on Cynthia out of respect, her life was her own. However, Carolina heard stories that she had been in the Kalos region several times. Perhaps it was the fossils found in Ambrette Town that brought her there. Or the ancient tree in Laverre City. Whatever the case may be – she was eager to hear it.

She heard two knocks on the door. Carolina opened – there stood her granddaughter, same as ever in her beauty and pose.

"It has been a while, Cynthia," she said, embracing her. Cynthia returned the hug. "Yes, it has. There is someone I would like you to meet, Grandmother."

She slipped out of her Grandmother's arms, presenting the guest. Diantha was as tall, with brown hair locked in a bun befitting for what she found in tales of royalty. Her thick eyebrows were primed with lavender eyeshadow over her blue eyes. Carolina deduced she was very fashionable, was she a friend?

"Oh, who is this?" She asked. "Is she who you wanted me to meet?"

"Yes. This is Diantha."

"A pleasure to meet you, Professor," Diantha said, making a bow. The custom was common here in the Sinnoh region, Carolina was surprised she knew about it. She didn't seem like someone from here.

"You as well," Carolina said. "Now then, Cynthia… do you want to step in? I'm sure you and your friend don't want to catch a cold."

The house was quite small, mostly old-fashioned aside from some family portraits hung and decorations over the walls. Mostly ancient paintings of the Sinnoh region of the past, landscapes of mountains, and pokémon. Some discovered fossils were on display - under glass cases that came directly from Carolina's workplace. Diantha saw the pastries in the middle. "Ah! Is that old gateau?!"

"Yes," Carolina chuckled. "Help yourself."

"My pleasure." Diantha took a bite of the cake, delighting in its soft and gooey texture. "It's magnificent…"

"I take you like sweets, Diantha?"

"She does," Cynthia replied, sipping her tea. "You would be surprised how much she eats of it every day."

"Interesting. Now, we have lots to talk about," Carolina said. "Ask me anything. I'm sure you've been wondering what I've been doing."

"I do… is it true you are retiring?"

Carolina smiled, closing her eyes. "Yes. It is time for me to live a quieter life. Over thirty years of researching our region's mythology – I have done more than enough. I am satisfied with all the progress I've made."

"Are you sure?" Cynthia asked worriedly. "There aren't any other reasons such as… your health?"

"I knew you would ask me that. Don't worry about me… I'm fine. Don't expect me to leave here any time soon, what I am doing is entirely my decision. I will remain in Celestic Town."

"I see."

"After all, I do not wish to die until you find someone watching over you." It was in jest, Diantha giggled over it.


"I only tease Cynthia," Carolina said, sipping her cup of tea. "That choice is for you alone, I could never interfere if you ever find love. Speaking of which, I am curious about what you have been up to. What brings you and Diantha here?"

"Well…" Cynthia looked at Diantha, who nodded lightly.

"…About that."

She stood up from her chair, Carolina raised an eyebrow.

"Grandmother, you have always supported me in my decisions," Cynthia began. "I have never disappointed you, correct?"


"Then I hope you can accept further what I am about to say."

"Speak, child."

She took a deep breath, Diantha rose from her seat and held Cynthia's hand.

"We're in a relationship. Diantha is my girlfriend."

It took a few moments for Carolina to understand. Eventually, she chuckled in response. "So that's why you brought her here. How long have you two been together?"

"About six months," Diantha said proudly. "But we have been friends for two years before starting a relationship."

"Six months? That's not too long. Well, I am afraid I won't be going to the afterlife anytime soon. Not when I hope to be the first invited to the wedding."

There was a sense of relief, even Carolina was joking about marriage! Cynthia squeezed Diantha's hand tighter. "Does… that mean you accept?"

"Did you seriously just ask me that? Of course! If Diantha makes you happy, then that is all I care about."

"I… I just wasn't sure how you would react that I wasn't seeing a man – "

"Why does that matter? I could care less about who you date because, at the end of the day, you are still my grandchild. I bear no ill will towards your personal preferences."

She beamed at Diantha with a small smile. "If anything I approve, because you have found such a stunning woman."

The Champion of Kalos and famous actress made a small blush. "Thank you."

"Is that why you have been in the Kalos region lately?" Carolina asked Cynthia.

"How did you know?"

"Gossip in the workplace is unavoidable. Diantha doesn't seem like someone from here either."

"I do come from Kalos," Diantha explained. "If I must admit and I don't mean to brag... I'm the Champion and an actress."

"You're the Champion of the Kalos region and an actress?! My, I'm more impressed!" Carolina clapped her hands in joy. "Cynthia, you must tell me the story of how you two met!"

Cynthia blinked. "Are you sure? It's quite long and I know you work tomorrow."

"Child, I won't let you leave this house until you tell me!" Carolina shouted. Her eyes were filled with excitement that her wrinkles underneath almost became invisible.

Diantha chuckled. "I'm sure we can spare the time. Right, love?"

"Yes." Cynthia sat back down with Diantha, her girlfriend's hand over her own at the table. It brought a grin, enough for her to accept.

"All right. It started during my time in Ambrette Town two years ago. I was only there to look at the fossils…"

By midnight, Diantha sat next to Cynthia outside on the porch. The conversation with Carolina went very well, so much that was over three hours. Carolina could not get enough of her granddaughter's story. From her first date with Diantha at the Lumiose café to the recent premiere of Diantha's latest film. She was adored by many on the red carpet. Her glamorous black dress set the hearts of many fans. The camera flashes were all over her, but Diantha only had her eyes set on one person. Cynthia was in the back of the crowd, watching over her. When their eyes met, it sparked a fiery desire for them to meet. To run away from the crowd and be alone in their corner of the world.

They had met shortly after the premiere – with Cynthia sweeping her into their hotel room. The lights were still dark as she pressed her lips onto Diantha's – pushing her down to the king-sized bed with silk sheets.

Those details she did not explicitly tell her grandmother – but Carolina held down a devious smirk that made even Diantha flush her face red. She had ideas.

Another cool breeze swept through the air. Diantha shivered. "It's so windy..."

"Are you cold?" Cynthia asked.

"A little… what are you doing?"

She saw her girlfriend take off her black coat, and then place it over her shoulder. "Here. You need it more than I do."

"But what if you get sick? I couldn't possibly!"

Cynthia chortled. "I'm used to the cold, remember? I have lived here all my life."

Diantha conceded, looking down with a smile. "That's true."

They kept to themselves as the night sky shined with stars all around. Diantha hugged the coat as it hung over her head. Its scent was comforting – musky earth that could be traced back to Cynthia's archaeological explorations. The fabric was also soft, much like her skin whenever they would touch.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" She heard Cynthia ask, she glanced at the constellations over the mountains. "You can see all of space and time when you're here. It's why I love this town."

"It is…" Diantha mumbled.

"I am just glad Grandmother was so accepting of our relationship. She had made questions about my love life in the past, now she can shut up about it," Cynthia admitted with a chuckle.

"She seems like a fun person."

"Except during her work, she can be very serious it's almost scary. Anyway, are you... happy that we came here? The Sinnoh region may not be grandiose as Kalos..."

"Of course! If it means being with you then I don't care about where we go! I'm just happy we can spend some time together. We lead such busy lives. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to see each other for another few months."

"I made sure to stop everything else just for this occasion," Cynthia remarked. "I'm glad you were able to make time as well."

"Kathi understood," said Diantha. "Besides I need a break from the publicity. Thank you, love."

"Mm-hm. Now, there is something I want to give you."

"Oh?" Diantha watched Cynthia pull out an item from her bag that was wrapped in pink paper and with a red bow on top.

"What is that?"

"A project I've been secretly working on," Cynthia whispered, presenting her with the gift. "This is for you."

"Wait, how long did you have that out – "

"Does it matter? Open it." The large silly grin on her face had Diantha comply. She slowly untied the bow, the paper was easily unfolding – revealing the surprise she had saved for this night.

She gasped lightly. "This is…"

"A wind chime I made," Cynthia explained. "I had to get back into the craft. It took me a couple of attempts seeing it had been years, but I did it."

"Oh, Cynthia…"

"Do you notice something else about it? Look at the design."

"Ah…" Diantha examined the charm, it was similar to the one by the window… but something was different. The glass had been painted with white carnations around it.

"The flowers... they're what I was named after..."

"That is not all," Cynthia added. "Read the note below."

The wind chime held a white paper stream with a note engraved on it with black ink. She read to herself, taking each word by word.

"No matter where the wind blows, we will always be together... from Sinnoh to Kalos. Love you, Diantha. From, Cynthia..." When Diantha finished reading, her eyes became misty. She felt so embarrassed when Cynthia cradled her in her arms, shielding her away from anything but herself.

"It's beautiful," Diantha said, wiping her tears. "I shall cherish this forever. Thank you, Cynthia."

"Just like how much I'll cherish this moment, Diantha…" While having her in her arms, Cynthia inched her face closer to hers. Diantha could feel her face burning over the Sinnoh Champion's soft lips nearing.

She closed her eyes – accepting the kiss under the stars.

Carolina smiled at the sweet moment between the two women from the window. She couldn't be any more proud.
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