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Which characters from the pokemon games would you like to see in the anime?


How could I forget Spinda??!!
Dec 15, 2022
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There are many characters that appear in the pokemon games who’ve made their debut in the anime over the years, but there are some that have never appeared. Which ones would you like to see?
I would have loved to see Leaf in the animé, and I still do. In Kanto, she could have appeared during the Battle Frontier as a new Trainer, possibly being a major enemy of Team Rocket. For Horizons, she could be a battle Trainer that talks to Liko and Roy about battling and gives them tips, especially if Amethio starts getting stronger, possibly strong enough where Friede won't be able to beat him without a lot of help, which won't be coming of the Explorers start working together.

As for other characters, I would have loved to see Karen and Will of the Johto Elite Four, Zinnia from ORAS, and Emma from XY. Those characters, especially ZInnia and Emma had a lot of story potential, with Karen and Will being potentially good World Coronation Series opponents for Ash during the Ultra class battles.
I want to see Glacia because she is my favorite Elite Four member from hoenn and Wally because I think he could’ve been a rival with good character development. I wish the anime was more consistent with this. Some regions got their entire elite four to appear in the anime while others didn’t.
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