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Which Journeys Pokémon would you like to see interact?


Jun 19, 2020
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A big complaint about Journeys is that we never get to see any of the Pokémon interact with each other often and as a consequence there's a severe lack of any chemistry regarding them

This is especially jarring after coming off of Sun and Moon which had plenty of Pokemon interactions as well as other series like the OS, DP, or BW

In Journeys however, despite the Pokemon seemingly showing a variety of different personalities, the Interactions between them are incredibly rare.

The Best Journeys ever got was an entire episode dedicated to Cinderace and Lucario.

Now let's assume the Writers would make another Episode like that but with a different set of Pokemon?

What kinds of Pokemon interactions would you guys like to see in Journeys and Why would you like to see them??

For me personally I would like to see:

Gengar and Dragonite - I am utterly surprised and disappointed that these two have not interacted ONCE despite being the 2 earliest captures in Journeys.

Lucario and Sirfetch'd - Remember when we saw Riolu and G. Farfetch'd training in the 2nd OP and we were all hopeful this would lead to something?

Cinderace and Inteleon - Where the hell is their episode Journeys?! They were so close as a Sobble and Raboot and then it just disappeared... :(

Dracovish and Dragonite - Both are cuddly Dragons on the same team. They would get along quite well I think

Lucario and Inteleon - Just because I know Inteleon would probably get under Lucario's skin and it'd be hilarious. :ROFLMAO:

Grookey and Gengar - Both are mischievous and probably cause lot of fun hijinks

Eevee and Everyone - C'mon she likes to mimic other Pokémon! The Girl could mimic the entire cast if she could!

BTW Yes we can also include Goh's Lab Pokémon into this too

So Who would You like too see interact?
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In addition to all the ones you've listed, one that I would have personally adored to see is Dragonite and Riolu, because the former's motherly personality combined with the latter's proud attitue and dislike for being coddled would have been absolutely ripe for some adorable and hilarious antics as well as an interesting development that could have bled into their interactions once Lucario evolved and matured. Sadly, that ship has sailed unless Lucario still retains some of its immaturity (which we have seen a few hints of, but not enough to know for sure).

Another interaction that I think would be interesting is for Gengar and/or Grookey to interact with Sirfetch'd and/or Lucario, since the former two are mischievous troublemakers while the latter two are serious and no-nonsense, and in Sirfetch'd's case, also noble and chivalrous. Maybe the Fighting-type duo disapproves of the mischief duo's pranks and playful attitudes because they're disruptive towards others. And in Gengar's case maybe it could even be used as something of a reason why it's done so poorly in battles lately: maybe Lucario/Sirfetch'd (perhaps moreso the former, since I think Sirfetch'd is too curteous to give this low a blow) could be all "you know, maybe if you spent more time training and less time goofing around you'd actually win a match or two!" in Pokespeak or something, which Gengar does take to heart, but does deal a blow to the poor ghost's self-esteem to the point that it fears Ash might end up abandoning it like ots old trainer due to its sub-par performances. Because of this, the Fighting-types would also need to learn an important lesson on how being so strict and sour is not the answer and everyone learns a valuable lesson on the importance of balancing work and play and not to focus all your efforts on just one thing or the other. As the cherry on top, it could even lead to Grookey finally using an actual attack.

Finally, there's just Pikachu with everyone in general, since I feel that he's at his best when he's playing the big brother mentor role.
  • I've said it before, but I really loved the dynamic that Pikachu, Raboot, and Riolu. Seeing Cinderace and Lucario interact with Pikachu again would really make my day, especially since there's now an extra layer to this trio with Cinderace and Lucario having gotten an entire episode to themselves. It would also be unique to see two large and fully evolved pokemon have a close friendship with one small and unevolved pokemon, which is really rare to see in the anime. Even rarer are well developed trios, so seeing these three get an episode or interact again would be a treat. I just want to see them acknowledge the fact that they're close friends...
  • Ash's pokemon seriously need some personality. They're literally as bland as Ash's Palpitoad and it's painful. How awesome would it be to see Gengar having an unexpected friendship with Lucario and an unexpected dislike for Dragonite? What if Sir'fetched and Lucario were sparring partners and their rivalry continued? What if Pikachu confided in Dragonite like with Bulbasaur? What if Dracovish annoyed Gengar? What if Gengar admired Sir'fetched but was too embarrassed to say it? What if THAT led to development on Gengar's part for being more open about his emotions and it allowed a look into his character? What if the entire team took a visit to Dragonite's island and had a bonding session? My "Ash's Team Screenshot" album is being deprived of its source of energy and it's literally eating me alive right now...
  • Eevee and Yamper just deserve to bond over their shared love of Chloe. Eevee could look up to Yamper, Yamper could help Eevee on its path to find out what it wants to become, and they honestly have a lot of potential for me. I would've much preferred seeing Eevee and Yamper have an episode together instead of Eevee and Grookey.
  • I want to see all of Goh's lab pokemon doing more stuff. They're slowly becoming recurring characters, so why not flesh them out instead of leaving them as background fodder? As brief as it was, I liked the interaction Raichu had with Drizzile and would like to see those two do something again. Sandile and Misdrivious can easily be used as the catalysts for multiple plots taking place at Cerise laboratory, and they could even bring back Pikachu-short esque episodes with the setting at Cerise Laboratories. We had a cringy episode in SM about Ash's pokemon becoming Ultra Guardians for a day to find him, why can't we have another pokemon civil war episode with more of the main pokemon being included and the humans being left out for once?
  • Cinderace and Inteleon haven't interacted yet. :confused: And what is Grookey's place in this dynamic? Goh's starters need some serious fleshing out and more interaction between each other that is more than just the occasional cameo.
What if Sir'fetched and Lucario were sparring partners
This is what they literally promised us in the 2nd Opening and nothing came of it, and they promised cool Lucario/Cinderace action in the 3rd opening which also has amounted to nothing. It's quite impressive How consistent that is.
Curious about these. What makes you want to see these guys interact?
Inteleon and Dracovish are Galar Water Types, so it would be fun seeing them interact
Dragonite and Lucario and sparring partners and Lucario and Sirfetch'd have a similar dynamic, so I want to see Sirfetch'd spar against Dragonite like Lucario. I'd like to see Sirfetch'd and Cinderace for the same reason, I want to see how they'll interact
Back with Inteleon was a Sobble it and Dragonite definitely should have interacted. One is affectionate and likes to hug, the other cried a lot and needed comfort. Yet these two barely interacted. A dynamic is right there but they never took advantage of it. I know X&Y had a parent-child relationship with Hawlucha and Noibat/Noivern, but there's nothing wrong with have a similar dynamic. Hell, Gengar and Dragonite could have some kind of dynamic, too. It was abandoned and grew to resent its old trainer, to the point of attacking him and even after bonding with Ash its shown to still be mischievous. Some of that resentfulness could've stayed and Dragonite, with its kindly personality, could've been the one to be comforting and lending an ear to its teammates.

Honestly i'm just biased since Dragonite is one of my favorite Kanto mon, i'd really just like it(and everyone else) to appear more.
Pretty much anything. Any interactions. We've hardly got any of that in this series and its so disappointing.
Again, agreed. It's one of the things that sets the anime apart from the games. You never really see Pokemon react to one another in the games for more than a few seconds aside from when they're battling. (And even then, that's when they're in the midst of combat, so that doesn't really count.)
  • The Galar starters hanging out
  • Dragonite being motherly to Lucario (picture Lucario trying to act all cool after winning a battle only to get tackle hugged)
  • Dracovish, Arctovish and Aerodactyl reminiscing the good ol’ prehistoric days
  • Flygon and Dragonite bonding over being the only flying dragons around
  • Lucario sparring with Cinderace and/or Sirfetch’d
  • Gengar butting heads with Mimey (polar opposite types, polar opposite personalities)
  • Pikachu and Raichu teaming up to hold everyone’s shit together during some crisis
  • Sirfetch’d defending smaller pokemon from Darmanitan and Gengar’s antics
  • Dracovish trying to eat the giant Magikarp
  • Eevee just going about trying to copy what everyone’s doing at the prison yard dome
Just wanted to say that this week's episode had some great interactions amongst Ash and Bea's Pokemon.

I wish we could get more moments like this.

On to the topic itself another interaction I'd like to see is Goh's Inteleon and Team Rocket.

TR really seemed to like the Actor Inteleon we saw earlier this year so imagine their reaction to seeing Goh's since they haven't seen it since it was just a Sobble and have no idea it's evolved since then
Lucario and Hitmondoesn'texistanymore
Hitmonwho? Oh, that's right, the Pokemon that vanished off the face of the earth. Seriously, what was even the point of giving Goh the Hitmonchan if he was never gonna use the damn thing? It's had just one appearance. ONE. I think it actually holds the record among his Pokemon for least number of appearances.
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