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Why are Gen 8+ models not updated in the Sprite section?


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Feb 13, 2024
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On the sprite section, many Pokémon do not have all of their sprites shown from their Switch models

I didn’t check every Pokémon but here’s what I observed going through some of the Gen 1 moms

Let’s Go sprites are there

Sword and Shield sprites are there, but only for Pokémon available in the base game. Some DLC only Pokémon, like Sandshrew, aren’t there

Legends Arceus sprites are there

BDSP sprites aren’t there

For Gen 9 I don’t see any sprites, even on Pokémon original to Gen 9. Gen 9 Pokémon only have their Home artwork.

Serebii has some of these sprites, but post Gen 6 they just have one sprite per Gen. it made sense for 6 and 7 since there was no difference, but SWSH, Let’s Go, and Arceus models all look different, and I think that BDSP are slightly different as well in terms of shading. I’d love to see them all in one place, and it seems weird that after the SWSH DLC’s coming out more than 3 years ago, as well as SV being out for a year, that these models haven’t been added.

Has there been a reason that these models have been unable to be added, like properly sourcing them or something, or is it just that nobody has added them?
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