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GEN VII: LF: Several Gen III-V Pokémon to complete Home Challenges FT: A lot

Jun 10, 2019
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Since there isn't much time left before we lose online for 3DS, I figured it was now or never to get what I needed for completing my Pokémon Home Challenges before they're unavailable for good. Incidentally, I'd like these trades done in Gen VII on the 3DS just for my own convenience. Those in bold are higher priority though I'll still take anything on the list being offered.

Venusaur (FRLG)
Charizard (FRLG)
Blastoise (FRLG)
Lugia (HGSS)
Ho-oh (HGSS)

Kyogre (RSE)
Groudon (RSE)
Rayquaza (RSE)
Dialga (DPP)
Palkia (DPP)
Giratina (DPP)
Reshiram (B)
Reshiram (W2)
Zekrom (W)
Zekrom (B2)
Kyurem (B2W2)
Eevee (Gen V)

Turtwig (DPP)
Chimchar (DPP)
Piplup (DPP)
Smeargle with Ice Burn and Freeze Shock

I honestly do not care if any of the above are clones, genned, or hacked so long as they can pass Bank's and Home's legitimacy checkers so no shiny Lv100s caught in Master Balls with perfect IVs and a streamer name as the OT (Looking at you Mitsuki.tv ;p). For that reason I would strongly prefer the Legendaries on my list to be untouched if possible.

The reason I've got Reshiram and Zekrom on there twice is because the Challenges specifically state one from BW and one from B2W2 so I don't know if there are markers on the Pokemon that differentiate the game or not and I'd rather not take that chance. And while I have the Kanto starters as fully evolved on my list, you don't necessarily have to evolve them yourself. As long as the base form is from FRLG, I can evolve them myself.

Now, what can I give in exchange for all of these?

HA Alolan Starters (all three available)
HA Extreme Speed Dratini
HA Super-Size Pumpkaboo (Everstone to prevent evolution upon request)
HA Alolan Geodude
HA Alolan Grimer
Own Tempo Rockruff (bred, not the event)
Any other Ultra Sun exclusive (Blacephalon, Solgaleo, and Ultra Wormhole Legendaries not included)

I also have the following Event Pokémon but since I can't clone, they're only available to those who can.

Marshadow OT: MT. Tensei ID: 100917
Zeraora OT: Fula City ID: 100118
Japanese Movie Arceus ID: 07189 Originally met in Sinnoh
Arceus OT: Michina ID: 11059 Originally met in Sinnoh
Gourgeist* OT: Spooky2014 ID: 10014 Originally met in Kalos (event was for Pumpkaboo but it evolved when originally traded to me)
Infernape OT: Jade ID:01286 Originally met in Kalos
Celebi OT: Ilex ID: 040601 Originally met in Johto
Mew OT: Mystry ID: 06930 Originally met in Hoenn
Mew OT: GF ID: 22796 Originally met in Hoenn
Japanese Shiny Hydreigon ID: 06171 Originally met in Unova
Japanese Shiny Golurk ID: 06171 Originally met in Unova
Meloetta OT: Worlds18 ID: 082418
Seadra OT: PCNYd ID: 00067 Originally met in Hoenn
Japanese Shiny Genesect ID: 07133 Originally met in Unova
20th anniversary Jirachi OT: GF ID: 04016 Originally met in Hoenn

Shiny Silvally OT: Aether ID: 102317
Shiny Tapu Koko OT: Melemele ID: 191004
Shiny Tapu Lele OT: Akala ID: 181130
Shiny Tapu Bulu OT: Ula'ula ID: 190222
Shiny Tapu Fini OT: Poni ID: 190524
Shiny Solgaleo OT: Eclipse ID: 100419
Shiny Lunala OT: Eclipse ID: 100419
Japanese Shiny Necrozma ID: 000132
Shiny Poipole OT: Ultra ID: 091718

Raikou OT: 2018 Legends ID: 042218
Entei OT: 2018 Legends ID: 042218
Lugia OT: 2018 Legends ID: 110218
Ho-oh OT: 2018 Legends ID: 110218
Latias OT: 2018 Legends ID: 090118
Latios OT: 2018 Legends ID: 090118
Kyogre OT: 2018 Legends ID: 080318
Groudon OT: 2018 Legends ID: 080318
Heatran OT: 2018 Legends ID: 030118
Regigigas OT: 2018 Legends ID: 030118
Dialga OT: 2018 Legends ID: 020218
Palkia OT: 2018 Legends ID: 020218
Tornadus OT: 2018 Legends ID: 070618
Thundurus OT: 2018 Legends ID: 070618
Reshiram OT: 2018 Legends ID: 100518
Zekrom OT: 2018 Legends ID: 100518
Xerneas OT: 2018 Legends ID: 050418
Yveltal OT: 2018 Legends ID: 050418
Shiny Zygarde OT: 2018 Legends ID: 060218

If there is anything not on my list that you're looking for, just ask. I have entire boxes full of random Pokémon obtained from Wonder Trade during Gen VII's heyday that I could breed for you upon request.

I think that about covers everything so thanks for reading all of this and thanks in advance if you're able to help with this monumental request.
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