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Why does Game Freak hate pure flying types so much

Jun 28, 2023
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  1. He/Him
I always wanted to know this we always rarely get a pure flying type Pokemon are first one being Tornadus (Gen 5 Unova) and then we got Rookidee and Corvisquire (Gen 8 Galar)

So why do they hate them so much?
I mean why do they hate Bug/Dragon, Fire/Fairy, Normal/Ice, and any other types that haven't been used yet? I don't think they so much hate pure Flying type as instead that they never really had any idea of what to do for it until they decided to give it to Tornadus.
I think it's more coincidental that all Flying-types until Tornadus were dual types, and always the secondary until they made Noibat and Noivern Flying/Dragon in XY. Later generations seem to be correcting this with more Pokémon that are either pure Flying (Rookidee and Corvisquire) or dual types with Flying as their primary type (Cramorant being Flying/Water, Bombirdier being Flying/Dark).
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