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Event Wrapping Up The Year! Secret Santa Art Trade 2023

Apr 24, 2022
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Hiya, friends and passengers of Bulbagarden Forums!
Now that the festivities of the holidays are wrapping up, the new year is just on the horizon! Why not start off the new year with that touch of gift-giving the season has left us with?

'Tis the season for the Art Gallery's first ever 'I'm-totally-certified-to-drive-this-polar-express' Secret Santa Art Trade!

How does it work? I'll fill you in down here! ▽

Post in this thread with a little 'I would like to join' if you would like to participate!
After you do this, send me a DM (here on the forums) with a sentence or two that will give your recipient an idea of what you would like drawn! This is so no one is left panicking: "I have no idea what to draw this person!" Your 'hint' will be passed on to whoever is assigned to gift you! If you want to be totally surprised or have no idea yourself, just tell me to pass on the words 'whatever you want!' to your gifting artist.

Once sign-ups are over and I've gathered up our roster of beloved artists, I will put everyone's name on a wheel like so, ensuring your recipient is indeed totally random!
Expect a couple days or so after this for me to jingle my merry way into your Forum DMs and (secretly) tell you who you'll be drawing for + their request! Do NOT share this with anyone!

I'm sure you know what comes next-- get drawing!
And do not post your lovely gift until the deadline! You're free to DM your recipient your drawing day-of for that extra special surprise, of course, but please also post it here so I can make sure everyone completes their drawing on time!

If for any reason you cannot complete your gift before the deadline, please notify me or @DawningWinds to ask for an extension, your recipient will be notified of the hold as well.

Sign-ups will run from December 31, 2023 - January 5th, 2024
Expect your assigned recipient DM a day or two after this!
Your deadline will be January 23rd, 2024. Feel free to post your gift in this thread at any time during this day!

Feel free to post any questions you may have here as well! Happy New Year, everyone!

I'd also like to join if it's not too late!

Also, could the submitted art be Pixel Art? I can also draw non-pixel but I just want to know about my options.
Of course! Sign-ups go till the end of the 5th!

Pixel art is totally fine, yes, just keep in mind what your recipient may or may not request so you know what medium will work best for you.
Not too late at all! I’m sorry for the late round up. For anyone who hasn’t please send me a DM with your ‘hint’ I can give your Secret Santa! You have a couple days to do this, after that I’ll be assigning everyone their giftees via the wheel of chance itself.

As of now, consider sign-ups closed!
Alright! All Secret Santas should have safely received their recipients! Please let me know if I did happen to miss you! o7 Good luck drawing guys! I genuinely wish I could've joined this time around, but it just wasn't in the cards... (Alas, my receiver would have been spoiled anyways LOL) Have fun!
Apologies if it was a bit unclear in the initial post, but please refrain from posting your finished pieces here until the deadline on the 23rd ; _ ; / ! As mentioned in your DMs, please send them to me first whenever you finish them as a proper check in, and then post your finished product in the thread at any time during the deadline date at your leisure! Please let me know if you still have any questions or are confused!
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