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Event Wrapping Up The Year! Secret Santa Art Trade 2023

Here's mine, for @c la fet !

They asked for "Frogs", so I chose to draw Croagunk performing his enhanced venoshock move from Pokken Tournament! I also chose to colour him in his alt colours to make the artwork feel more unique!

I had other ideas for the prompt, like a duo image of a Froakie and a Froggit from undertale; or a Toxicroak wiping poison off his mouth (which is still something I want to draw!) But I ultimately chose something simple but with a few special effects.

Thanks for letting me join this Blanc!
It's very cute and cool at the same time ! :bulbaLove:
Apologies for the late event closing, everyone! Wrapping up the wrap up (hehe) coincided with a pretty busy time for me (moving back home + vacation), and is the reason why I couldn't participate myself.. Anyways, with that out of the way, I want to formally thank everyone for participating! It was a joy to see all of your art for each other through their various phases, and I have nothing but gratitude for your interest! I'd love to host more art events like this in the future, if you all will have me!

With that said, I'll leave the thread up here for a bit longer so everyone can admire their gifts one more time.

Happy (late) new year everyone! Let's keep drawing together!
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