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wrong answers to pokemon questions

What jobs does Paldean Larry have?

This wandering vagabond had his dream come true. He is officially unemployed.

What garchomp is so feared?

'Cause it's a shark out of the water

Anyway, does anyone know who Ash's father is?
It’s some of Jubilife City’s signature gateau, made back when the place was called Jubilife Village and then left to sit in a cupboard until it was rediscovered 200-something-odd years later. Sure, it’s hard as a rock and smells sort of funny, but I’m sure it’s still good!

Everyone still keeps up with Lisia, but whatever happened to Aarune, the Secret Base Expert who also debuted in ORAS?
I mean, it’s definitely not Volo. Nobody would want to marry him and/or have children with him, given his stupid hairstyle.
…I also may or may not have pushed him off a cliff after he tried to kill me.
If I had to guess, I would say Cynthia’s actual Ancestor is the Alpha Garchomp in the Alabaster Icelands.

Who is the boss of Team Rainbow Rocket?
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