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Preview XY095: Hot-blooded Hariborg! Puni-chan is Being Targeted!!

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Oct 30, 2010
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XY095: Hot-blooded Hariborg! Squishy is Being Targeted!!
Airs: November 5

Courtesy to Dephender for the translation of the title and for the summary.

Here's a summary of the episode.

With the legendary Pokémon Puni-chan now part of their group, Ash and his friends continue their journey towards Snowbelle Gym. As Serena is practicing for her Pokemon Showcase during a break, a wild Quilladin suddenly appears before her. It appears this Quilladin has fallen in love with Eevee at first sight...
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Re: XY094: Hot-blooded Hariborg! Puni-chan is Being Targeted!!

Ok! This is interesting to say the least LOL! Could be good I think
I'm hoping for Chespin to get jealous over Quilladin falling in love with Eevee. Hopefully it'll be similar to the Piplup and Oshawott rivalry. I also think that the Quilladin may be Mairin's. Either way it seems like it'll be an entertaining episode so far.
Protect the Puni-Chan!

The fact that it says "a wild Quilladin" makes me think it's not Mairin's, but we'll see. I can kinda see a situation that it is hers but it seems a little convoluted.
It looks like a good episode. Can't wait to see it.
In the editing area, I can see that Sawyer's Sceptile has been hidden as a possibility, (You know, with the <--Pokémon blah blah-->) as a newly evolved Pokémon. Should we add Ash's Sceptile as a hidden possibility too in case it is his?
With a plot involving Quilladin and Eevee along with some other plot involving Puni-chan being pursued (By Team Flare I guess) this episode will be busy.
I see, so it's another Meloetta-like subplot. And dang, I actually thought from the title that Chespin would evolve. How naive of me.
The only way I can see this being Mairin's Quilladin is if they've somehow gotten separated and it's gone a bit feral (a la that Purrloin from Unova). It's a shame, because I was hopeful that at least one of the series' two main Chespins would evolve, and I always felt that Mairin's stood a slightly higher chance than Clemont's.
The VA list.

Ash: Rica Matsumoto
Clemont: Yūki Kaji
Bonnie: Mika Kanai
Serena: Mayuki Makiguchi
Pikachu: Ikue Ohtani
Talonflame: Kiyotaka Furushima
Noibat: Yuka Terasaki
Bunnelby: Chinatsu Akasaki
Dedenne: Megumi Satō
Chespin: Hitomi Nabatame
Pancham: Noriko Shitaya
Jessie: Megumi Hayashibara
James: Shin'ichirō Miki
Meowth: Inuko Inuyama
Wobbuffet: Yuji Ueda
Gourgeist: Miyako Itō
Inkay: Kenta Miyake
Professor Sycamore: Hiroshi Tsuchida
Quilladin: Rikako Aikawa

Here is a new summary of the episode, courtesy of Dephender.

A wild Quilladin falls in love with Serena's Eevee at first sight!?

While Serena was practicing for her Pokemon Showcase together with Eevee, a wild Quilladin suddenly appeared! Incredibly, it appears this Quilladin had fallen in love with Eevee at first sight. But while the Quilladin keeps trying to show off, it appears to have the exact opposite effect on Eevee than intended... What will the conclusion to Quilladin's love be!?
With the cast list keep in mind that the actors are listed by their most important role first.

We know Eevee wlll be in this episode but it shares its VA with Bonnie's temp. Bonnie is clearly the more important character so she is listed first. Zygarde Core probably shares its VA with another character on the list.

For that reason it's very possible that Frogadier and Hawlucha are in this episode too. Assuming that autograph poster from last month was for this episode (since it lists Quilladin, who only appears here), Frogadier has a strong chance of appearing as well.
Can we conclude from the VA list that the "Squishy is being targeted" part of the title possibly refers to a Team Rocket scheme rather than that of Team Flare? If anything I feel like Sycamore's appearance might be at the start of the episode where they call and show him Zygarde-Core, then ask him if he knows what teh fook it is.
- Quilladin runs with a dust cloud behind it.
- Quilladin battles Serena's Pancham.
- Squishy gets captured in a net.
- Quilladin watches Serena's Eevee with hearts for eyes.

Warning : A same type Pokemon with the same evolutionary line will get jealous.
Zygarde Core doesn't get captured. It is a fake created by TRio that turns into a net.
Zygarde Core doesn't get captured. It is a fake created by TRio that turns into a net.
However, based on the first look, Zygarde's Core along with Dedenne are presumably captured from the trap itself made by TRio.
1. I did not realise until now just how hideous Hariborg's design is. The jury is out as to whether or not this will increase it's lovablility factor...
2. How thick is Dedenne?
Zygarde Core doesn't get captured. It is a fake created by TRio that turns into a net.

I know, I meant it will. I mean, since this clearly a Team Rocket capture attempt, I doubt they won't capture Squishy in this episode, because I don't see Team Rocket capturing any other Pokemon instead. Also, since Squishy is near other Pokemon, they might get captured as well, unless they dodge it.
Guess this episode will probably determine if Chespin really "likes" Eevee... I think it might be trying to one up it's evolved form (as well as Pancham), but that's me.

Also, I don't mind Quilladin's design. I bet the animators decided to include it in an episode to see the fan's reaction to it. Should they ever decide to make Chespin evolve like the other starters, would maybe depend if it's well received.

That or they'll just do it for Mairin's Chespie.
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