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Your controversial opinions

I don't necessarily play for the lore, but I really enjoy the worldbuilding in most of the games. With that said, I started playing LeafGreen a couple of months ago and I'm struggling to get that same feeling of "fuck yeah, I love the world within this game and the people and pokemon in it" that I usually do. I've considered leaving the game unfinished which really sucks because I was excited to explore the Sevii Islands in the postgame. I'm not sure if I hate the game or just Kanto as a whole.
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Pokemon isn't a setting or a fictional universe. It's several wearing one trenchcoat to look like one.

Basically 40k no canon rule, except so explicit it's very difficult to deny.
does anyone play pokemon for the lore?
I don't because if the creator doesn't, why should i? It's why i hate retcons and internal inconsistency, how can i be invested into your world and its rules if you are constantly changing them? Bethesda is probably the most egregious example of this, specially with the Fallout series (which they didn't even created but had the balls to retcon and change a bunch of stuff).

I play pokemon for its gameplay, i couldn't care less about its world, characters and story because most of the time they are shallow and really basic (my recent playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 just brought this point home to me because all of those things are done far, far, FAR better in that game than in any pokemon game).
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There doesn't need to be a legends game based on a region's already pre-established past.

I say this as a response to those who think that a hypothetical Unova Legends game has to follow what the two brothers did, even though Legends Arceus proved that it's entirely possible to base the game on a past that's unknown rather than a pre-established past in other games. For example, a Unova Legends game could still see the Original Dragon being restored, even though that wasn't part of a pre-established past, it would still make sense.
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You pay once and get both. Otherwise I definitely see where you're coming from.

Oh, that's good to know! Thank you!

I completely agree.

I'll even go further and say that the only sequel that Unova needs is a one-version sequel, where the region itself is paradoxical in nature.

That would be a neat idea!

I can sympathize with that, having to trade for Pokemon and evolutions feels very pointless and the lack of a GTS certainly made them more tedious.

A good way to work on your OCD can be thinking that your collection is already incomplete. I assume you do not own the original Japanese Red & Green, nor the multiple games that were Japan-only like the 3DS or mobile apps. Also, you shouldn't pay for Home as one box is enough to make the transferrences, you can store some Pokemon in Gen 8 and others in Gen 9 (unless you have a shiny Pansage or Minior that can't be placed anywhere or be replaced lol).

That's a cool way to think of it! I do, at least, allow myself to not get both versions of a remake if I'm close enough to the end of the Pokedex for the original game. So there's that.
English pokemon anime music is good. Like REALLY, REALLY good. Up to the point where I listen to it on a daily basis and can sing most of them exactly as it was sang (maybe in a different key, I'm not good at the "female key"). My family is mildly irritated by this, but at least my boyfriend enjoys it as well
You're in the wrong thread.
Another controversial opinion I have is that I actually liked Ed Sheerans song in the end of scarlet and violet! I get some of the hate, like how the first voice you hear in Pokémon is his and I heard streamers had some copyright issues, but generally for me, I think the song on its own is good and it added to the sort of emotional state I was in after beating it (guess who was trying not to cry!)

I also might be a bit opinionated as an Ed Sheeran fan, but even the song by itself is good imo even if it wasn’t for the Pokémon games (but the fact that it is honestly made it that much better knowing my one of my favourite artists is a Pokémon fan like me!)

And.. I may have a bit of an animatic idea for celestial and the Paldea guys….
Despite being a Grass type trainer, this time I'll erupt my opinions like a Typhlosion:

- the games should go back to 2D or 2.5D (the jump to 3D was hideous and plaged with lies from GF),

- GF should go on a hiatus from making Pkmn games,

- some fans will just consume and play the newer games,

- some fans will just consume and play the newer games, being blind on the great and serious flaws they have or even being fanboys using the number of sales as proof of the games supposedly (and false) quality.
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Game freak does the opposite of what fans demand of them after the infamous masuda hashtag crossed several lines.
I personally don’t care about all these little things people seem to hate in the newer games, I personally enjoyed them and while they are flawed, I wish some people would chill and not spend every single moment of using the internet to rant on how messed up the story and graphics and characters are (no hate if you didn’t like them, and I’m not saying anyone here does it, it’s other social media platforms too)

I personally just love Pokémon and even if people say a mainline game is trashy, I’ll probably still play it and enjoy it.
Generational gimmicks are starting to get stale and need to stop. There are other ways to add to a game that doesn't involve a battle gimmick that gets dropped one generation after its introduction. They need to add stuff that actually add to the gameplay long term like abilities in Generation 3 and the Physical/Special split in Generation 4.
Do you mean the #bringbacknationaldex movement?
I'll add the fact that Masuda took like weeks to acknowledge that movement, while he immediately acknowledged the one thanking gamefreak that happened after the bring back the national dex movement. You should never acknowledge death threats and other horrible things like what some people were throwing at Gamefreak during that time (all it did is make everyone that add a legitimate issue with the cut national dex look bad), but it says something about him that he instantly acknowledges praise and gratitude while he takes a while to even respond to something that some fans have a issue with it. I feel like you should acknowledge both the positive and the negative when it's a genuine issue some fans have and obviously not take weeks to even respond.
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