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Your favorite and least favorite in the game

Jun 28, 2023
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  1. He/Him
My favorite: Pawmi's Evolution line (Always loved this line for being adorable literally all of them are cute)

My Least favorite: Shroodle (Mainly because it refuses to do moves or at least my Shroodle did)
Favorite: Ceruledge and Nymble. Ceruledge because it looks amazing and it's part Ghost. Nymble because I caught a random shiny.

Least: Anything overly aggressive that attacks me for no reason other than I exist.
Favorite: Annihilape and Lokix
Least: Most of the Paldea Pokémon, like 90% of the I really did not like. There is to many that I dislike to be able to choose a least favorite.
My favorites are Armorouge line, Kilowattrel line, and Finizen<3333

Really can't stand any of the starters' final evos!
favorite: ogerpon, most certainly. but i'm a big fan of dachsbun, tinkaton, the starters' first stages, flutter mane, and iron valiant.
i like the pawmot line and hydrapple a fair amount as well.

least favorite: gholdengo, also most certainly.
Favorite: Armarouge, Ceruledge, Sandy Shocks, Iron Valiant, and Gholdengo.
Least favorite: Kingambit, easily. Quite possibly my least favorite Pokémon of all time. Frigibax line is there too.
My favorites are all the Paradox Pokémon. Such a cool concept, plus most of them freak me out in a good way. I wish there were many, many more of them. I don't have any least favorites.
Favorites: Palafin, Fuecoco, Finizen, Cetoddle, Clodsire, Bellibolt, Skeledirge, Spidops, Chi-Yu, Ogerpon, Terapagos.

Least favorites: Iron Jugulis, Pawmo, Toedscool, Sqwawkabilly, Dudunsparce, Capsakid, Dipplin, Maschiff, Brute Bonnet, Glimmet.
Favorite: Ceruledge. I haven't loved a Pokemon's design in such a long time. It has earned a place as my number one fave next to Raichu. Pawmi line is my fave Pikachu clone. Varoom line, Tinkaton, Kingambit.

Least Favorite: Dondozo, Espartha, Scovillain, Veluza.
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