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  • also turns out i have to leave at 6 for three hours not at three for 6 hours like a thought.
    I slept it way too much today. Mostly because i was enjoying a dream and refused to wake up until it was done.

    In other news I'm still playing Skyrim, and despite my RPing in it it mostly ends up being *crazily swings magic sword until everything dies*, but yesterday I was doing the mages college quests and finally got to really RP again.
    I've gotten to a point where I swear "clinically depressed" means I'm a normal human trying to deal with really crazy shit aka everyone.
    I'm used to being a punching bag I'm fine.

    Also I'm talking about lying about it, and faking it. It was way to coincidental too many times.
    *shrug* My biggest counter comes in at women can and do use it as an excuse then. I'm not saying that it doesn't suck, but girls in my high school would always be able to use it to dodge due dates on big assignments.
    I mena if you really want, but I can't think of Jer doing much else but locking himself in the bedroom and firstly freaking out and flipping all the shits, and then playing with Ellie's boobs until he falls asleep...
    No I was thinking more just personality. switching bodies would lead to way worse things than you think. Actually no we probably both know exactly what would happen.
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