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  • i am vertically challenged and very offended

    but i am a canadian of glorious poutine yes
    Hi. I heard from PH, that you need subs for your game. Feel free to put me on the sub list.
    Hi~ So, I suppose I should add you on Skype now. You might get a request from someone going by Ben. ^^
    Hi, just wanna say that i admire your enthusiasm.
    Im happy that Kaori is ready to voice again , thus bringing glimp of hope in Hoenn princess(May)coming back again. If there is justice she should come for at least 8 or sop episodes getting some cool arc, Its perfect opportunity to bring her back, promote idea of contests in regions they dont exist, showcase new pokemon and how much things changed for her. Maybe even bring Max.

    And with new director in charge for anime(i think hes called Tetsuo Yajima), games and pokemon company seem to be paying more attention to older fans through throwbacks to Kanto, Charizard return, creation of Origins, 4kids songs and theme being used in XY etc. Is giving me somewhat of hope in things changing with ex main characters receiving follow up and chance for us to enjoy in their story, quirks and great personalities.

    May is my top second favorite female in pokemon being 6 years since we saw her in person deserving recognition imo.

    Only character i want back more than her is Misty, but than again its not like anyone cares about her anymore, her unfinished story of becoming water master and potential(like expanding on worshiping E4 Lorelei both in anime/games wanting to become that strong opening premise to go on journey to become her or E4 Siebold who is called water master in games apprentice teachin how to become better coming closer to her dreams making her all nervous and embarrased to meet him i imagine, realize water pokemon true nature like manga did with Suicune beautifully, learning how to mega evolve Gyarados etc).
    Sad, but when even her VA Mayumi IIzuka asks through twitter fans not to forget Misty expressing desire to voice her again it tells how she is abandoned.

    Beside May is just as great. Do you think we might hear from her rivals like lovable bastard Harley if she returns?

    p.s,. Just being friendly and talkative. My visit seem random but i just thought you might be in mood for relaxing, fun chat. Why not?:)
    I don't play the tagging game, but to answer your question, I'm planning to attend Austin Community College for an associate's, then attend Texas State San Marcos or A&M Corpus for my bachelor's and maybe graduate education in marine science.
    i'm like 2 years younger than you >:I

    But I do intend to enjoy life, if by "enjoy life" you mean "devote my life to the study of jellyfish and coral, and the preservation of the great reef systems."
    Eh, same old same old for me. Nothing really happening, but hey, I don't mind the peace and quiet. except for the fact that there's nobody in walking distance I can hang out with qwq

    Gosh, it feels like forever since we talked. ^^;
    Haha, I always say that I feel old at work and the older people get mad at me, so I guess we aren't exactly corpses yet.
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