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  • Hello. I see that you like FE. I myself have been on kind of a fangasming trip over FE. Would you like to talk?
    Hello, Alex23. Would you kindly back the hell off with the Fire Emblem Awakening stuff? Or are you really planning to mention me everywhere because I don't like that awful game? Sorry if this sounds rude, but it's starting to get annoying. Thank you, have a good day.
    It's just a theory, A GAME THEORY.
    That N might actually be a Zoroark. It is somewhat believable though and would ruin fangirls' dreams if it was true <3
    Every few months I go through some weird metamorphosis and my theme completely changes
    Next change will probably be in november

    Also, Wrex is an utter badass \m/
    Hey. Thank you for the friend request, I've added you.

    Now to answer your question in this thread, I am a fan of Yellow but she's not my favorite character from the manga. My favorite is actually between Gold and black. But I love all the Dex holders, well, except for Emerald, I didn't like him.
    Thanks! I'm going to make some more supplementary notes for all three countries. Mind you, I'll have to ask you to bear with my headcanons, because I'm not as history-literate as I wish I was - Japanese schools generally skirt around the WW2 issue!
    Hey Alex, thanks for reading my first WWII headcanon (which I think was a week ago). Have you read the others as well? I admit, I've been rambling off my head with all my headcanons - I hope it wasn't too confusion/contradictory. :)
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