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  • Firstly, yes, fellow Alex. :) Secondly, I beleive I did mention it in another thread... Acievements Galore, I think it was called.
    Erza is a huge bad ass, love her so much.
    Nah not really, my first name is fairly popular in Italy despite me being of just British decent as far as I know. But I like to keep people guessing. My last name I guess is somewhat normal.
    Bwuahaha, no xD It's this character from Fairy Tail
    In her typical anime female armor where you have glaring weak spots for looks! My real name is nothing like hers :p
    How could she! Well she's always been very different when it comes to her videos but oh well xD she didn't include a lot I would have put in my Top 10... so I disagree with most of her choices xD
    But she is still a Pokemon expert, she probably doesn't like Lysandre because of her paranoia of natural disasters so wouldn't like Lysandre or Cyrus destroying lots of stuff.
    Buuut she's still a actual Pokemon fan and doesn't do it on the side.
    It is? That sounds... awful. His name doesn't sound beautiful anymore. My life... it is over... everything is a lie.
    Exactly, they should have actually gotten a Pokemon expert to do it not some random 'more famous' Youtubers that know nothing. They could have gotten TheJWittz, Shofu, Chuggaconroy, Tamashii, ShadyPenguinn well the list is endless on who they could have gotten in but no, why? Because they wouldn't put him as the worst video game villain because they know their stuff.
    The whole video just seems like something to get views.

    How do you pronounce Lysandre's name? I usually say it as 'Lis-sund-dray' but 'lis-sund-dra' is probably correct as I don't actually know how it is pronounced. It's people who call him Lie-sand-er that sounds so freaking weird, damn it I need him mentioned in the anime to know!
    Hello! thank you for the FR! well, i don't use Bulbagarden so much, i prefer serebii, but i'll talk to you a lot :)
    Yes, I am the current Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia, and I am a Flannery fan. I wouldn't be so quick to judge on whether we could be friends, great or otherwise, however. We've never even had any interaction until now.
    I should point out that I am currently not a mod, so mentioning me won't do much to the claims threads, since only mods or above can edit threads in sections they are in charge of (except Items since I made that thread).
    I just started watching his videos recently. I don't even know how I found them, but once I watched one, I couldn't stop. I've watched all of his analysis videos of OR/AS. I've also considered watching his Zeta and Omicron videos since I watched the first one and I liked it, but clearly I'm a bit behind in the times, so I'll have to pick a long free day to watch the rest. :p
    Ahhhh! Well I was actually contemplating adding "Fairy" to my username for a while now, but I never did 'cause I never felt like I had any real reason to. But since I was constantly thinking about it, I figured it was a sign that I really wanted to change my username, so I just did it!
    A few reasons really, one of them being that the Fairy and Ice types are my favorite types. I originally wanted it to be "Fairy/Ice Ricky" or "Fairy-Ice Ricky" to give it a dual-type feel, but I didn't like the symbols in my username. :)
    Yeah, he's actually the one who told me about the Forums. I would see him spending hours and hours on the computer and I wondered what was so fascinating. Originally I joined so that I could play Knight Pokemon University when that was still a thing, so once it disbanded I took a break for a while, but I realized that I missed the Forums quite a bit.
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