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  • Hai! Are you still interesting in trading Diancie for my competitive female Tyrunt? If you no longer want to trade it's fine, just you never registered my FC to trade and I forgot to ask :/
    Looks like you've started on that already... And they're all groups I'm a part of...
    "Obsessive Shipper" Yet you're only part of 3 shipping groups. Meanwhile, I'm part of 10. BTW I've noticed that we both joined on the 13th June. To be exact, I'm the 76491st member, and you're the 76875th. All of this together tells me we have to be friends!
    Sorry about the wait, I've been busy recently. Your Pokemon will be ready by Friday, I can assure you that. Thanks SO much for your patience.
    Yeah Items clone too but if you want master balls I have like 900 of them. I can just attach them to your clones.
    hey I think I remember awhile back that you wanted your shiny raichu cloned? If you still needed some help with that I can clone it for you.
    Hey :) I am new so apparently I cannot write PMs. But what kinda Piplups do you have? Do you have one with HA?

    I will get you a staryu :)
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