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  • Here is a fun pokemon forum you may like. Ever Grande City Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    Please tell people to stop telling jokes related to my username. I have feelings too.
    Yep. Things like that continue to happen even after the dissolution of the Soviet Russia Union.
    Honestly, I don't care about the political side of such things. I'm just a guy who loves Pokemon and wants to discuss it with other people. Its unfortunate what happend though.

    But I'd like to see this PM because now you've made me curious. After saying its not something for the public's eye, how could I not want to see it? :D
    Hey man how've you been? I want to apologize. Ever since that incident, I haven't been supportive of you nor did I do much for your site after the first week despite being honoured with the position of a mod. This is 2 months too late and its unlikely that this changes anything but I genuinely feel bad about the whole mess.
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