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  • Actually, I won't have WiFi access this week. I've been kind of avoiding bulbagarden since I can't do any trading or anything. Does early next week sound fine to you?
    Shoot, I was working all today (and tomorrow) so I won't be free again till monday, are you good for then?
    Hiya, got your shinies ready, just did a few of my faves off the list again, got you a Grimer, a Chatot, a Skorupi and a Meowth. Anytime soon to trade would be great, VM me a time. :ksmile:
    Sorry I've not contacted you about the shinies recently, I've been really busy plus I've kinda been avoiding here since everyone is talking about HH/SS and they're STILL not out here. :( But anyway, I have a Skorupi for you (I didn't know what the shiny ones looks like, but I love it!) but I've lost my bit of paper that had your list in it, so could you link me it and i'll get your other three done today? Thanks! :ksmile:
    I'm fine HGSS hasn't come out in Europe yet so I'm stuck hearing everyone else talk about it xD

    I'll go ask GSP about the clones now but he's kinda hard to find because he never posts anymore and may have changed his username, like everyone else :-(
    Okay, I have four shinies ready for you - A poliwag, a croagunk, a mime jr. and a phanpy, when are you ready to trade?
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