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  • To all Advanceshipping Nation Members:

    So its been a crazy couple of days but please don't take the moderators warning too harshly and most of all keep posting and keep Advanceshipping alive and kicking.

    Haven't seen you on in a while. Welcome.back! Well actually o dont think I've ever talked to you before. Maybe on Fanfiction but welcome back anyways lol
    I know you've seen my AMV. I wish to inform you, audio/video truly isn't my bag, baby, to quote Austin Powers. I hope you understand.
    After the unplanned closing of Pikapost, it up and running again (hopefully for good), and a group named Thunderbolt is managing it. We also have some other vactions of community pockets, you may check those out if you have the time.

    Hey DJ, you haven't been active on PP much recently, but I thought I'd give you a heads up that we're voting on moving. Don't worry, it's the same software, just a new host.

    Thanks, c'ya.
    And now your avatar looks like Pinkie Pie meeting Pony Professor Oak (makes me wonder what the animal loving Fluttershy thinks of Pokemon)...
    You know, when people say stuff like "Do you ship [Ash/Dawn/Latias/whatever] much?" Like Ash or Dawn, the two most shipped characters, you know what I imagine? I imagine Ash being sealed in a wooden crate and put on a frater, and getting "shipped" to a region that's very far away. I'm sure this is because I think literally and in pictures. XD
    I'm absolutely fine. You ship Ash much? I only like one out of all of the Pokémon shippings in the world, and it happens to be ADV X). AdvanceShipping is my life, and I don't know where I would be without it. What's your favorite Pokémon 'ship DJ (may I call you that?)? Thanks :D
    You know, I read your partner in crime's story on DeviantART, and I sympathize completely. Also, I love your signature picture: haters gonna hate!~
    Due to there being multiples of fanclubs for Mijumaru/Oshawott, they will all be merged into The Knights of Mijumaru club. For more information, see this announcement.


    The Bulbagarden Staff
    Funnier than that abomination "Problem Solverz". CN were airing some good shows, until they aired that piece of garbage. Im glad TAWOG is still making me watch CN.
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