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  • I would imagine! I remember that when Malta won the Junior Eurovision in 2013 people made a party out of nowhere in Valletta.

    I wasn't a big fan of Malta's song this year, but I thought it was better than last year's so it was a shame to see it not getting into the final like last year's. Apparently we'd have been able to get in it with the 2010-2013 voting system... The jury ranked us as 5th in the second semi-final but the televoting brought us down. This year was kind of a let down in regards to good weird Eurovision performance (Finland's was so bad it's not good) but hey, there was Conchita Wurst coming down from the air to the stage like the second coming of Jesus so I can't say I was disappointed.
    Damn swedish winning eurovision in the same decade... I can see why it won so congrats haha.
    Based on this reply, I guess it's apparent that I was not xD What times are you usually available?
    I'm back. Can't battle now since I have to go to work soon. Say a time for this weekend and I'll try to be there.
    Every day we keep missing each other by a couple of minutes. How would between 9p and midnight your time tomorrow sound?
    Sorry about missing out on yesterday. Left early to do something for school. I should be all good around the same time tomorrow.
    Lemme know when you're good to do our Round 2 Inverse battle or if you just want to wait it out for a few days.
    I am here~! If u can play now~ My Showdown username will be 'JustTheFx' and ill be in the OU lobby!
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