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  • Thanks for the response, anyway. :)

    And yeah, I kind of feel the same way, too. Kind of makes me wonder why the gym challenge quest and Unova League occurred so early to be followed by Episode N - which also didn't last long - and then... what can accurately be described as a filler saga. Da! is really just a time-staller until XY, and that nothing's really happening when there are no ongoing quests at the time.

    Well, hey, at least there will be at least a couple of specials after the last few remaining episodes of BW (three I think) to look forward to, namely Pokémon: The Origin! and the Brock/Cilan special.
    I see you haven't had much activity lately until today. I'm sure the official announcement for the XY anime made you excited.

    So... if you don't mind my asking: How have you felt about the Da! arc of BW so far?
    Hey, thanks for accepting my friendship request. I like many of your posts and we appear to share a lot of the same opinions, so I thought we'd get along well.
    Hi, hope my pm and stupid questions didn't bothered you. Sometime i write more than needed, so i hope my message didn't caused agitation or something.

    Either way gotta go, but take care and see ya.
    I wonder how long the anime staff knew about Iris' position in BW2. I think it definitely had an impact on her getting the Dragonite (some user, I think Samurott said at best this would be used as an excuse for the writers to make Iris overpowered - which is exactly what they've been doing), but given that Iris has been on easy street for this whole series and even got to duck out of owning up to her irresponsibility in getting Axew evolved by not having to go to Opelucid City, it feels like any consequences that might come in her future will be far, far too late to make a difference in how her character has been pampered for this series. If the magazine scan is anything to go by, Iris looks like she'll shake off her loss to Ash too, how good for her. :p Seriously, no one likes people who are this unrealistically lucky in real life... it's no better in an anime.
    Her issues in battle are kinda connected to her character off-battle because things like beating Ash in the Don Battle finals seemed like a way for the writers to justify all of the crap Iris had been saying to Ash, even though that was not a good battle to compare the two's strength for obvious reasons. :\ And I wonder why they bother giving a problem to all of Iris' Pokemon when they all ultimately become inconsequential to her story by the time they're resolved. Iris didn't need to be around when Axew finally learned Dragon Rage and since then it's been learning top-tier moves on the first try. Emolga's lazy disobedience only cost Iris one battle... in a movie, and conveniently rectified itself off-screen by the Don Battle. Excadrill's had issues with Iris for YEARS, but one simple apology makes it all better and not one person makes note of how Iris irresponsibly let this problem persist for years when it had such a simple solution. And now we've got yet another disobedient Dragonite that I'm 90% sure will get resolved in the next coming episode, even though this problem has not cost Iris anything such as the battle she should have lost today. :|
    I wish I could say the same... Iris off-battle is pretty much a matter of personal tastes. I rarely ever found her anything above marginally tolerable, and a lot of that has to do with her character's writing. That's actually Iris' primary problem both with her character and her story/Pokemon: the quality of writing. I probably wouldn't mind Iris being snarky and negative and teasing/insulting her friends if she did it in moderation instead of every single episode, and if her reactions were different while conveying the same message. Hearing "What a little kid!" or "It's BORING LECTURE time" in nearly every episode just doesn't endear me to her character. It would feel more natural if her banter wasn't always the same regardless of the circumstances and whatnot. I was alright with her during the Nimbasa arc, and I think there was one line in a recent dub episode where she wearily declared it was "party time" when Cilan was doing his evaluation that I actually liked. I suspect it's a dub-only change, but it was refreshing to have her not use "boring lecture" to desbribe Cilan's evaluations and come off as a silly kind of exasperated rather than just straight-man Debbie Downer like she usually does.
    Honestly, after Iris... I totally agree. And I was someone who was really looking forward to Iris in general before BW started up, let alone someone who wouldn't be a 3rd Coordinator. I think it would be unlikely at this point, personally, but I really hope whatever girl that replaces Iris is absolutely nothing like her and actually has some competent writing to her story. At this point I welcome Gen VI to come as soon as possible just so we won't have to deal with Best Wishes anymore. There's a lot in that series that bugs me, but as Iris is omnipresent in this series due to her being in the main trio, her problems are naturally magnified and we all have to deal with her presence, whether we like her or not.

    Seriously... even though I still don't like her, Iris is bad enough to make me appreciate Misty in a bizarre way. There's just... absolutely nothing I like about Iris at all. Rarely do I come across a character I feel that negatively for, but by god watching her muck up the show is a surefire way to get me depressed. Even her never-changing one-liners just make me >:| at my TV as I project my thoughts to the screen, for Iris to shut the fuck up.
    Out of curiosity, did you liked Harley? i thought he was downright amazing, and probably most unique rival we had in history of anime.
    That appearance of Staryu in beginning of East Unova arc reminded me of Misty lol, and to be honest starfish pokemon are rather underused. With Iris i don't know what to think anymore lol, Dragonite capture seems extremely cheap right now but maybe there will exist some catch behind it messing up Iris plans at tournament allowing to develop her more sophistically. Fandom went crazy and batshit insane over night lol as expected, but i think some of them need to cool, down abit and wait until episodes air.

    Though ill be honest, i would rather have Misty back to cast than Iris, having more engaging personality and better growth so far. I know im going to be lynched for this words, but this is preference.
    The other suggestion I could do is to copy your screen and c/p it in Paint, crop everything but the picture and make sure you save the picture in either jpeg or gif. Then upload it again.
    If I recall, there's a problem with hotlinking pictures from if you just copy the picture's URL and use the [ IMG ] tag. Have you tried saving the picture on your computer and then uploading it?
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