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  • always read your posting about Iris and always happy to have people agree with me because ther are people who say that the anime must be like manga
    to me no problem who the writers (the writer of manga or someone else) the important thing is who they draw the character and from anime Iris is the shit inside BW
    I know you probably won't see this but I'm putting War of the Elements back up. And I'm using almost everything from the first, which means I'm using the roles and so on you made. Hope it is ok, from what I know of you you wouldn't mind but I thought you should know even if you don't see this until it is finished :p
    Busy and stressed, but what's now? And yes, I had to for the aforementioned reasons. School is kicking my butt :p most if my time is now devoted to writing SCIENCE PAPUHz and I am crazy and decided to double major in psych and chemistry alongside my minor in child/adolescent mental health so there's that too.... Also MCAT soon wee! How are you?
    I'm surprised you want to see Ash still battle Drayden, given that he'd likely battle him before Iris, and we all know how those turn out (Dawn/Maylene, Bianca/Elesa, Cilan/Skyla). I suspect it will happen, just a hunch.
    *sees recent visitor messages*

    So, your birthday was a few days ago, eh? Well, happy belated birthday wishes to you, man. And now I know. :D
    Oh, so it's your birthday! Well, happy birthday! I hope your day is awesome despite the totally unfair circumstances!
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