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  • I won't really ask for much.

    I would love a Bagon or a shiny Litwick if you have one. If not then it's all ok. Just offer me anything! XD

    I also can get you Elekid too BTW XD
    yea I was hoping to get 2 place holders but idk if that is possible now we may need to work them through it step by step on how FCs work
    hey Bro I don't think that the guy that has our shinies knows what an FC is and how to use it or what to do with it or get there own so we can trade
    oh, please try at least.
    The arceus event is really awesome in heartgold and has REAL pictures in it.
    I think you should at least trythe event, I'll lend you the arceus.
    please at least try to clone :-/
    no, thats why I need you to clone for me.
    I can in emerald :)
    I watched a youtube vid in emerald how to clone and thats how I have lots of copies of some pokémon in my shop.
    I need a gen 4 cloner, and if you could clone, we could work together
    1. You get free access to everything in my shop.
    2. You can clone everything in your shop.
    3. Lots of people will let you have everything their shop if you clone it.
    convinced yet?
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