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  • I didn't see your high score until after I played it for the first time, I almost cried D:
    Oh okay. Shame there isn't one for the liberals. It would be major fun to "debate" with those silly phrases. =P
    Long time no chat, Covet. Maybe you can help me with something?

    So I'm running this thing on a forum called Pokemon Solstice called Solstice Camp. It's going to be through the entire month of July. Sign ups are now through the 28th of June at 11:59pm EST. If you want to join, click here and put Felly as your referrer.
    Yeah that's what I did last summer. I love the job but getting up at 7 AM every morning during the week kinda sucks.
    Started my summer job this week. Been working 8 - 5 every day as a camp counselor.
    This has been a pretty disastrous year weather-wise. Hundred-year storms and all that.

    Well, I'll look into it.

    I'm having a pretty serious crisis right now. I got a shot in my left arm today, so moving it more than a small radius causes that small patch to have minor discomfort. On the other hand, I have this itch on my back that I can only suitably scratch with that part of my arm. To top it all off, I'm starting to get that pleasant buzz from watching too much TV and computer. Help!
    Cleveland's been awful this year. We, though, made a decision -- we didn't want summer. Bright, sunny days and clear skies aren't welcome here. Bring on the squalls and rain! Soak us in the 10-second frantic run to the car door!

    mIRC? I used to use Rizon before mibbit, but Rizon was even worse. I'm not sure how else I could get on the chat.

    I'd have to install something or other. Mibbit is what I primarily use, and that doesn't work for the IRC.

    I had sheppard's pie and the computer. :D Isn't summer great?
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