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  • Have you watched the whole series? I'm only up to episode 4 iirc. It's kind of confusing at times xD
    I was wondering why you were saying that 9 hours early before I remembered the difference in timezone. xD Thanks!
    I would like permission to view (and occasionally post on) Nicoleta's Campaign Bus....

    I wasn't sure whether to contact you through PMs or VMs but this felt more comfortable.

    Thanks for listening.
    Hey Nico, I've been wondering, is your usertitle referring to the actual PETA, or "People Eating Tasty Animals"?
    I find Tyrion and Jaime to be the most interesting characters in the books actually. I went from despising Jaime to downright loving him when he got his own point-of-view chapters.

    And I'm about half-way through A Feast for Crows at the moment but I have seen all the episodes so far (legally btw...). The show is quite fun because it's great to see all this stuff and all of these characters depicted on a screen.
    Lannister, eh? It better be because of Tyrion and Jaime :I

    Reading/read the books? Or just the TV-series?
    Into video game monsters?

    Top ten monsters - 1 - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums

    Top ten monsters - 2 - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums
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