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  • I've gotten into reading a lot more recently. You should try reading The House of the Scorpion - it's incredible.

    Ah, I see. I guess my English class would be more of your literature class.
    Do you like reading?

    Wait, is your English class just subject, verb, adjective, subject compliment, direct object, etc. or is it analytical, reading, and other things like that?
    I liked science last year (biology). Theology at my school's alright, but it's all Catechism work that slightly bores me.

    My favorite this year might be English because it really gets me thinking about life. It also helps me analyze situations before I jump in and make a fool of myself. XD
    So today in English class, we talk about tragedies. I then go into world geography and there we watch a video called "The Crumbling of America". Lovely, isn't it?
    But red hair is amazing! I dyed my hair red during the summer. Eek, 2 weeks? I tan, but it feels like a burn. So yeah, sunburns and skin cancer aren't very fun. Pack Aloe Vera, too!
    Oh, and don't get sunscreen in your eyes. Ouch! (I was an incredibly stupid child.)

    Don't worry, planes are apparently safer than cars, or so I've heard. I get airsick easily, though (I got a migraine once - not fun).
    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to leave the country eventually. Florida is incredible, we went there in May last year for the choir trip. Are you going to Universal Studios or anything?
    Well, I've met a few of them. I've never been to Asia, though, unfortunately. :( Truth be told, I've never left the country, but I will be going to Canada during Spring Break for a choir trip! :D

    How about you, have you ever traveled outside the country?
    Oh I see. Well it's good to hear he's married! Whoa, Arizona is far from Indiana. Most of my relatives are in Virginia or scattered throughout Asia (mainly China or the Philippines), yet I'm in Texas.
    Well that's good to hear, at least. Sorry about your cousin not making it, hopefully you'll get to see them sometime soon. Holidays should include all family members. :)
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