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  • Eh, I don't get into people I see on TV.

    Yay! It's always refreshing to see family. Most of mine live hundreds of miles away, so whenever we see each other I almost cry (I'm a wimp like that). Do they live far away?
    Oh no, you've fallen prey to Jersey Shore. Run away!.....Not really, but don't be like them!

    That's good, is it just your at home family or are relatives coming in?
    How are you celebrating?

    I had to babysit my grandma while my parents went gambling and my sister went to a party. I think it's a little funny.
    It's alright, I shouldn't be complaining. XD
    Nah, I'd have to buy a DS and I don't like asking my parents for money. I'm also afraid that once I pick it up, I'll never put it back down.
    I've played every generation except for the 5th. To be honest, I haven't played hand-held games for a long time now since I sold half my stuff on eBay. Baaaad decision.

    Lesson: Don't give away your childhood belongings!
    Yeah, I got into the anime first, as well. My older sister was into it (and the games) first and I happened to take an interest in it as well. I'm not nostalgic about the old games either, but they were fun.
    Hey! I don't know you, but I just wanted to say that I agree with almost all your posts in the anime section. (Also, I'm a huge Dawn fan.)
    What I found stranger was how it is the ending theme to DP, and BOOM! We find out about two DP specials in February. :)
    Lol, he's always complaining. :p

    Well, the day we first found out about the specials, was the day I went to youtube. I listed no Kimi No Mune LaLaLa for an hour or two. xD What a coincidence. :)
    i mean i get flamed alot about liking AS, but im not going to let people change my mind. I'm still thinking about it at the monment. Yea i know its no sin or anything
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