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  • I'm sure we can, be sure to check out my shop. *internet handing over of business card* :p
    Lol, hopefully its one of the successful ones? :p nah I'm messing. I remember I once tried the Masuda method for a Gligar.. I gave up, and traded one of the unhatched eggs away.. which turned out to be shiny XD.
    Yeah, I just needed your FC really :p.

    Also, due to the conditions that I recieved it in on Smogon, could you please not trade the Heatran to anyone else, and keep it for your personal use :).

    My FC is 5113 5877 2100, and I can trade now :).
    Do you have any spare Events that you're willin' to trade? Can you list 'em. I'm also interested in 10th Anniversary Pokemon and old events like that, or rare Events that come from a different country like Korea or somthin'....
    Hey Daxdiv, would you be interested in a UT Japanese Wifi Staoshi's Pikachu Event?

    P.S. *Goes off to do dishes after types this message out*
    Cool, I'm lookin' forward to the story aswell. I think I might get Pokemon White just to capture Zekrom ^^

    Yeah, I'm gettin' my off What? too :D Can't wait to trigger the event in HG/SS. Have you heard of the new Japanese WiFi Event, 'Ash's Pikachu'? If you want, I can get one for ya from my source ;)
    Cool :) So what do you think of the Gen V Pokemon/Characters/Rivals? So far, I'm liking 'em.

    Have you been able to get a hold of the new Japanese Celebi event? I made a deal with someone named What?.
    No, no, he clearly got called away to serve drinks at the Battlezone since he left his own bar to bring his special drinks to Sinnoh.
    It saddens me that Yahtzee and Tai didn't even get past the registration table.

    If some loser like Nando and a cheap Darkrai trainer can get in, why can't those two?
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