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  • You know , I think Ash's Krokorok should learn ''Shadow Claw''.
    He's arm's are so thin that I think ''Shadow Claw'' would be the right move for it .
    However , It also should learn ''Bark Out'' just in case if he's foe use ''Miracle Eye'' on it.
    I'm not sure if it would work out all that well considering all the 'pedia pages are in English, but I'll be glad to pass the word around.
    Well, We really don't know if May like Ash or Drew !
    And We can argue about it all night but still can't reach a settlement unless the Anime take action .
    I said Girl who have shown direct feeling toward Ash are medium cute.
    Like , Anabel , Angie , Macey , Misty etc .
    Misty feeling would consider a fannon but she shown clear jealousy when Macey try to hit on Ash !
    Well, I guess I want May to come back.
    Because if she come back then Drew gonna come back & Ash have a chance to beat that Ego maniac & show him his place
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