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  • Alrighty. I think I'm going to go light on the actual depiction of the Poke Wars universe itself, considering I haven't read much of the series. I'd prefer not to tamper with canon.
    Alright, I'd love it if you could!

    On another note... I know that Flannery's apparently dead in the Poke Wars universe according to Word of God. Do you think it'd be interesting if I did a one-shot where she has to deal with this fact upon traveling through different dimensions with Sabrina? I've been itching to write something that tackles death.
    Hey, question: did you keep reading OBC after you reviewed it? If so, what do you think about the direction it took?
    Hey man, thanks for ththe comment on my story :)

    Eh, there could be an FBI in the Pokemon world, humans need protection too right? Ha In hindsight I probably should have said the International Police, where Looker works, at least I know that exists x)
    I really liked your story called The Life of the Legionaries, it's a lot of fun to read! :D I'm wondering if you you're going to continue writing the story, there haven't been a new chapter in 3 years.
    Wow, actually I did check out your fic but I don't know what order it goes in xD
    This Machine...in my pants
    by this machine, the team dark theme do you mean?
    if u do, AWESOME
    i like we can
    You are the one of the greatest FF writer i ever met (others on FF.net)
    I am reading about the legendaries life something and the 7 or 8 chap
    I read your review on my fanfic so thanks for the advice. Anyways, I am trying to have multiple plotlines in the story so do you know a good way to do this?
    Hi, I saw your post on the Fic Reviewers thread and was wondering if you would read and comment on my fic. It's an OT journey fic (with twists, don't worry) and is only 5 chapters in so far. The link is in my signature if you're interested. If you're not, that's okay too. Thanks~!
    Hello, Drakon. I first want to thank you for taking your time to read my demo chapter. The good news is I made a new thread, with the actual first chapter completed. I'm currently working on my second. So here is the thread's link, where you can read the first chapter. The other thread is no longer in use by me.

    Not *actually* back, unfortunately. Just decided to pop my head back in for a little bit.

    I see I missed another staff drive. Man you guys are having those often.
    I just wanted to speak from a fellow writer to another as well as a fellow mod and I wanted to ask if you would like to read one of my fics?
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