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  • I walk my dog or do target practice with my airsoft gun. If friends are over I'll go for a walk.

    But good God it's hot out.
    Uhh, I don't like to go outside? Well, not much at least. Sweat is my enemy.
    Hiii! I was about to ask who you were but then I realized it's you from a while ago! xD How've you been?
    Yeah, I guess. I play a lot of video games with my friends, so that's fun.
    I bought Y, and it sucked so much. Omega Ruby was slightly better, but not good enough for me to actually finish it.

    Ah, pretty good. I don't have much money, which sucks, because I have a lot of things I wanna buy. :p

    How's your's?
    Well, Pokemon is kinda... bad... right now. Idk any other way to put it. Once the series picks up again, they may be back.
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