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  • I mean, you might recognize some names if you go down to the active user bar. Kululu/Power of Aura came back. Pokemoll still comes on a little. Karis, Kakuna Matata, Enzap, Milkapoke... they're all still around. I don't know if you know them. I don't really know who you were friends with.
    That's true, but sometimes people do become attatched and judged on forums too. I've got several experiences with both of those.
    Only in a perfect world, my friend. Forums are taking their slow and timely death at the hands of social media.
    Homeschooling is fine if you still have social connections, like a club or something.

    I have Steam, so I'm happy. :p
    Until life took over...more like they gravitated to other forms of social media besides forums, such as tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, etc...

    And then there are those who just left the internet all together. Kudos to them.
    Oh, hey. Gone I guess. I don't really know. I still come here though. Partially hoping they will return, and partially because I want to.
    No idea how that works, but you didn't need your eye! You're an independent woman, I tells ya.
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