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  • Do you have the link to the supposed leaked of Pokémon Horizon? I seem to have lost track of it.
    Since people are going crazy over whether it will be Gen VII or "Z" you should do your thing and make a fake leak to send the Pokemon community into further meltdown.
    I thought that it is interesting how you are still actively writing the Pokemon summaries on NEOGaf. This is probably one of the works that you are likely to finish from the start, so I commend you on this.
    Thanks! I feel like it's easier to do since NeoGAF is a bit more active than Bulbagarden overall, so there's more of a drive to finish it for the benefit of all my readers. I really hope I don't burn out...but so far I'm making great progress and it's really fun.
    I thought as such. NeoGAF is, from what I see, pretty active, so I understand why you still feel like going on.
    Blastoise's most notable feature are the fact it now has water cannons popping out of its shell, which are very mechanical in nature. This is the first of many Pokemon who have such features that don't make much sense as being natural elements of a Pokemon, but while some of the other Pokemon are criticized for this, everyone seems to give Blastoise a pass and I rarely see people complain about Blastoise being equipped with weapons.
    Finally, someone that gets it. Blastoise is, imo, the only Pokemon I'd say is close to a "Digimon". Which is funny cos it's one of the originals.
    I write them because A. they're fun to write and B. it's fun to imagine what tales from our world would look like in the Pokeworld
    There should be a balance between groundbreaking novelty from the franchise and predicted acceptability from the audience. As being a series work with large amount of fans watching more than one saga within the series, there exists an invisible "expectation norm" from the audience. If a new anime of a franchise having too much novel element up to the point of nothing parallel to the "expectation norm", the anime will just alienate its old fans. It doesn't help much even the show have the coolest characters and nicest music and VA. (Well, it may help a bit if it has super excellent story, but Frontier unfortunately is not this case)

    I would like to site Turn A Gundam in the Gundam franchise as an example, as the main mecha in the show was not any form of "Gundam" as expected by all Gundam fans, yet many like the show because its story was well-constructed. But of course, that "many" is still not comparable to any of its predecessors.
    Well, too bad Frontier was the only Digimon Anime I skipped. Back in the old days when I watched the first episode, seeing the PC literally 'transformed' into the Digimon, I was like "What the hell...? Is this the Digimon I knew of?". That just made me lost all my interest to watch further.

    After several years when I read some the reviews of Frontier where many said although the idea of transforming into Digimon was too novel for the old fans to the point of unacceptable at that time, but yet the one who managed to watch though it gave it a decent rating for the story. Hence making me wanted to go download the full series after then. As I am now becoming more open to well-constructed story more then the novelty, so as long as a show have a decent story, I'll watch it. Butl, although I still kept Digimon Frontier in my computer, I still don't have the interest (or should I say courage?) to give it a try.

    I watched every single Digimon anime, from the first Adventure all the way up to Xros Wars, even the Xros Wars - Hunters that Leap Though Time where every single one (including me) bashing it to the ground, but unfortunately just not Frontier.

    BTW, my first one is Tamers, my favourite is Savers.
    It's funny, when you suddenly reemerge in the Pokemon community after disappearing for ages, people with "sources" suddenly appear at the same time on other sites too.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do? (The wider the range, the better) I'll check and see if your choices are available.
    I never understood all the hate Goku's Japanese voice got. Yes, Goku is voiced by an older woman, but there's absolutely nothing frail or feminine about the performance at all. Whenever people say that she sounds like a grandmother I always wonder what the hell kind of grandmothers they've been hanging around with.

    Goku's just a dude with a higher voice. These people do exist in real life.

    I also think it's funny that these same people who find Japanese Goku to be so horrible had no problem with pre-Kai Freeza.
    Say, do you still think Genesect might be present in SSB4? If so, may ask what reasons do you have to believe that?
    I was actually just reading another message from someone else asking me pretty much the exact same thing.

    The short answer is no, that's not what Myuu says in the Japanese version. The dubbed version for that particular line is, surprisingly, pretty much the same as what was said in the Japanese version.

    I'll be revising my movie one comparison with this information at some point in the next few days.
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