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  • I actually noticed that a bit, but never really thought about it. I would suspect that Belle would have Tsutaja and Cheren would have Mijumaru. I just noticed also that the two other starters would go to people with slightly opposite personalities
    Well, I wouldn't actually say they've stolen it. She offered them ideas, which means they had every right to accept it.
    I more about how Arceus created pokemon than mew.He is more "godlike" to me and he existed befor mew.
    Yeah, it had more of a spiritual theme in the end... though I think many hardcore TF fans still hate what was done to Cybertron, lol.
    Yeah, Beast Machines wasn't always very clear, lol... I think that scene was a vision Optimus was having or something. It's been a while since I've seen any of that show, though.
    That is what it stands for, yes. I was also a fan of Beast Wars back in the day. I also watched Beast Machines, but it didn't have the same feel to it. Glad to see another fan of the series on the forum.
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