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  • Ew toddlers

    Well, she slept with pretty much everyone on that show, so you know she at least tried with Captain Oats.

    I liked Taylor in Season 4 and moss is more entertaining than Marissa XD
    /me is jealous

    LOL True. Captain Oats is the launcher of a thousands ships. I ship it with Marissa's mom.

    Marissa will do that to you. XD
    That awkward moment when you realize you're only watching this show for Seth and Summer XD

    The long lost half sister needs to never have happened. ITA about Marissa. God, how many suicide attempts/desperate cries for attention?
    Marissa, the long lost half sister of Ryan's adopted mom and the faux pregnant girl... Marissa started out okay, but her whole "I'm suddenly bi oh wait no, that was just for the sweeps" and the fact that she has the worst decision making skills ever (Yeah, I'll flirt with my boyfriend's obsessed and homicidal brother) make me not like her... at... all... XD
    I actually thought she was the least annoying of the Ryan love interests... though that's only cause the others were cringeworthy. Err... Animé-wise... I know Iteru would recommend Digimon Xros Wars (which is good) but if you're in the mood for something a bit darker, I'd recommend Witch Hunter Robin (26 episodes only and the story/characters are good). Not a masterpiece, but good enough that I actually like rewatching it. Did you follow the Ouran High School Host Club Live Action series?

    I don't know... I just feel more and more like I'm only in it for certain characters. coughDentcough
    LOL Yeah, this term was cold after cold for me too :/

    You're rewatching the OC... XD I spent way too much time watching that show for the quality that it had, but I would totally do a rewatch of it for the lulz, but then again, there's so many shows I would actually do rewatches of that were actually good, that I might skip it. Well, that and I want to do a rewatch of Xena Warrior Princess XDDDDDDDDD

    Best Wishes is ok, though I find myself caring less and less tbh. There are some really good gems as far as episodes go, but yeah... there's a lot of meh too.
    *Puts party hat on* Yay! You're back!!!

    I'm sniffly cause I have a cold but otherwise I'm good. Oooh what shows are you watching?!!?!?
    Ugh, yeah I hate taking notes on reading! I never take good notes on it either, because I'm really lazy.
    Kids can be rather exhausting, yes. And the dance went pretty well, except they couldn't do it unless I did the dance with them lol. But they were only in first grade, so they were cute so they get away with not knowing anything

    I would never study on my school breaks either lol. Reading is just SO boring. I wouldn't retain any of the info anyway.
    Wow that sounds like fun! I went to the beach for a few days. It was okay, although it rained for half of it. I also worked at a camp for the whole month of July, which was fun, but now it's over.

    How are your psychology classes going?
    Awww that's ok! Your laptop loves to do that to you. So what was that orchestra course like? What instrument did you play?
    Its been pretty alright. Though I've only had about 2 weeks of actual vacation so far, due to work and stuff :B I know right? I don't think I've actually missed work and people as much as the uni kind xD

    Good luck with your course! The job I currently have should be over within 2 weeks so hopefully I'll be there :D. I will ALWAYS be the number one fan! No one can ever be better! xD
    Mine is 3.5 months (mid May - around the start of September) xD It seems like ample time, but more than half of it is gone already D: How'd your first year go? :3

    Well, I have skype again! Now the only problem is to find time to use is xD
    Modest Hestia is modest :p But of course you being there makes it worth it! I am still your number of fan of course! :B
    I don't know how many people will be living in my floor, but it's the only one of maybe 2 or three kitchens in a 400-600 occupation dormitory D: I chose my dorm late because I didn't pay the rental down payment early on...I decided to snag the floor with the kitchen on purpose X3
    I think that Japanese will only be helpful in fulfilling my interests...which is okay with me XD I was going to chose a more useful language like French, but...that would be too hard for me XD And I can't take spanish because I took it in high school and they would make me take an accelerated course (which I have to take a $50 pretest to fail, most likely XD).

    I can't put down that I worked with my dad in the sushi business, because technically, it wasn't legit. I didn't have to fill out any papers or file taxes or get adequate pay or anything, so it's like I never even existed in that field XDDD

    *re-imagining entire series with british paul* I think he'd likely say "you filthy wanker" to ash instead of "pathetic" XDDD

    I'm sharing a bathroom with like 10+ people and a kitchen too...hopefully, I can keep a ricecooker in my room XDD
    I'm taking Calculus, Introduction to Chemistry (huh...not surprising...but it's ONLINE D:<), Anthropology, and Japanese. I hope I don't kill myself by the end of the semester XD
    Job...I'm trying to apply for campus jobs and I have no idea how to write a convincing resume @_@

    nooooo I was mistaken, they weren't pockets XD (I'm a baaad fan D:) I lol, I most certainly will XD Should I talk in a british accent too?

    I'm on right now!!
    I was actually finished with uni ever since my previous message :p Long ass vacations ftw! D: Now that you mention it, I just realised I don't have Skype any more! My hard drive crashed a couple weeks back, so I never remembered to re-install it ^^;. I'll go do that soon xD Hopefully I see you guys around soon!
    HESTIAAA!!! :<
    I'm sure you had a great year, haha. I just came back from my freshmen orientation...I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Not sure if I'm looking forward to sharing a room with two other people though...especially since we have to bunk =_= I just chose my classes and my major, but I'm pretty sure the second one is bound to change. I told my advising counselor that I was taking the pre-med track to make my parents happy (and as a back up), but we'll see what happens.~ How have you been?

    The tallest of us is going to have to be Dento, it's only natural! but from what I remember, we're all shorties, so we have to fight for it. It was really fun, I'm thinking of going next year as Paul. One of my proudest purchases in the last few days was a pair of grey pants that looked nearly identical to Paul's (well, minus the pockets at the side, but it's hard finding boy pants that fit me, so whatever! I am a sad creature)
    : P Thanks!

    Meh, I'm fine. I got a job but... I don't know... not for me and the pay isn't stellar, so I might try to find something different.
    Hestiaaaa <3. Who's this boxers you speak of? :p
    It has been quite a while. I've been slaving away at uni non-step for the last 4 or so months straight. Though it does seem that now I'm here you've gone back xD
    I've very prone to doing that too xD

    Yeah, they should have all made the effort to get a hat, just so that we can laught at it xD

    Half past midnight? Disappoint.

    LOL, reckon it will come back in time?
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