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  • Ahh that's cool :) Well if you have some fanfics published, give me links and I'll read! tomorrow... 'cause I got to go to bed. lol.
    Well thank you! I like yours as well! I stole mine from someone in the internet (should I source it? Idk where the picture is though...) anyways, how'd you get yours? :)
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I knew I was forgetting something! I'll certainly add it for you. :)
    Ok, here's your signature:
    Please, don't hesitate to tell me if I need to change anything, or start over. :)
    Thank you very much. I had to put some thought into everything. And actually, I just might be right about the whole Empoleon thing. I mean, look at the crown-like thing on Empoleon's face. It resembles a trident, the same kind Neptune or Poseidon would use.
    I assume she was a beta. Back then, I always thought it was a Beauty, as they had a similar outfit to that girl. Still, it seems that the remakes retconned their original games, thus the girl in the black suit is now nothing more than a memory.
    You're welcome. Hope I didn't bore you with my long post.
    And yeah, I too miss Leaf and Kris a bit, but I got over it.
    Have a nice night.
    III. More proof? Physical department: Contrast Red and Leaf's designs: they have the same haircut and hair color, same eye color, not to mention thay have the same name (in the correct version, BOTH can be named Red or Leaf) and lived in the same house (in RSE, May and Brendan live in different houses no matter who you pick; in DPPt they even live in different towns). Basically Leaf was not a separate character, but an alternate oufit (which casually included breasts) for Red.
    It was the same with Kris: her pigtails are identical to Gold's haircut, they had the same clothing pattern (yellow shorts with black stripes at the side; red tops and a yellow hat), only that Kris' outfit was tighter and they had the same name (Chris/Kris). With all of this, we can safely assume (it seems so obvious I feel ashamed for not noticing it) that they were meant to be the same character.
    See? They were female versions -not counterparts, but versions- of Red and Gold/Ethan.
    II. With Gold and Kris, it was the same: in Crystal, choosing one kid eliminates the other automatically, so unless they gave them individual roles in HGSS, they were two versions (versions, not counterparts) of the same character. And with Lyra having a different name and a backstory that didn't have any tie to her Crystal version supposed origns, it proved that Lyra REPLACED KRIS and that HGSS' Ethan is BOTH Gold and Kris.
    I. I already explained it in the thread. Red and Leaf, as well as Gold and Kris, were basically the same character, because, in BOTH CASES, they don't coexist. Unlike Brendan and May, and Dawn and Lucas, who had different (interchangeable yes, yet still different) backstories and coexisting together, the Gens I and II heroes didn't: if you play as Red, Leaf doesn't appear; if you play as Leaf, Red does not exist. So at least by FRLG terms, both are one and the same, proving that, unless they EXPLICITLY gave them separate roles in the sequels, one would automatically erase each other, which didn't happen. Therefore, there was only one story, and that was Red's, thus effectively eliminating Leaf. So basically HGSS'Red is BOTH Red and Leaf.
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