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  • What if? Korrina had a room in the Tower of Mastery, and was under the care of her mother (her briological mother is dead in my headcannons but her father got remarried to her sister) and Uncle (one of Gurkinn's sons) and Aunt and has a sister (that is like 12-13 years old), a little brother (that is like 6-7 years old, Bonnie's age), a little sister (that is like 13-15 months old), and a baby brother (that is like 5-6 months old) and a few little cousins (the Uncle's children).
    Here am I scripting Bonnie's lines (I'm autistic) and then reading Korrina's sub lines in the voice of I think how she might sound (at times I imitate the Minnie mouse voice or sometimes it's something else). Boy my teacher's aid HATES that high pitched voice (just as much as I don't like her). Instead of saying that she doesn't want to hear it, she says "use a high school voice". Just you don't want to hear it!
    Your avatar made me LOL! Citron/Clemont is awesome! He may be a nerd but he's a badass nerd! XD
    I just don't get why there's some bias against Clemont's character becoming irksome to be frank...Some people just want to push him into the background of the group and it's ridiculous!
    I'm really looking forward to the Clemont episode though.
    i've been in love since his corocoro scan showed up in summer so you can imagine how excited i still am he's in the anime :)
    But why exactly is it only okay for girls to show their naked belly? Why is a boy showing it a big deal? ^^;
    I guess I will regret the question but I have to ask: What do you mean when you say (about the tag battle twins):
    "Now I'm convenced their gender inappropriate."
    I am just curious why you are offended by things that are clearly not meant to offend people.
    That is why I pointed out that the writers of the show are for the most part shintoists, I think.
    Maybe I would understand you point better if you elaborate on it, but if you don't want to do it, it is fine as well.
    You are aware that the people who make Pokémon aren't Christian? Are you serious with you post about "workshipping nature is against the lord" bit? Because workshipping nature is part of shintoism. I don't see the workshipping behind the words "soft and gentle" either....
    I would describe my wife that way, am I workshipping her as well? ^^;
    The Pokemon League section is part of the general Anime section. There are different threads to discuss the main characters, both past and present ones, so a thread talking about which is the most annoying doesn't seem necessary when people can do that in the various threads in that section.
    I just thought that it could lead to character bashing and since there are already threads about the main characters in the Pokemon League section where people can describe why they're annoying, I didn't think that this thread was necessary.
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