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  • I'd like to add you.
    I have already added you.
    My Fc is 1590-5797-6050 and my safari is Steel with Ferroseed, Skarmory, and Excadrill. Thanks!
    Hey, im always signed into the wifi when i turn on my Ds so hopefully we'll be able to meet up a some point in time, but there is no rush.
    Hey, I see your online on bulbapedia right now. What is your in game name, i can't tell which one is you?
    Hey just wanted to inquire one last time about that Yveltal. Seeing as my thread isnt on the front page anymore. Do you think Moltres would be a fair trade, or no?
    Hi! How are you?

    Your Friend Safari only has 2 Pokemon in it. Did you beat the Elite Four yet, if so, can you get online really quick so I can unlock your third Pokemon?
    Hi! How are you?

    I added you to my friend list for your Friend Safari. Here's my FC if you want to exchange Friend Codes for Safari.

    FC: 2337 3508 1976

    My Friend Safari is like yours, it has Qullidin in it.
    I added you to my 3DS friend list.
    My Code is: 3411-1627-7859
    Name: Sebastian or Durgo like u whant
    Many thanks
    Haha no, it was actually a Dratini. I got one from the wonder trade a few moments after we had last talked about trading Noibat, so I bred a few and I gave you a Dratini egg for Noibat. :) Dragon for a Dragon. Since you told me you didn't have any from the Dratini line, I figured I'd do you a favor too.
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