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  • It's....different to say the least. Although tbh, I don't know how I feel about anything that's going on right now.
    Oh sorry to hear that :(

    I just thought it was pretty cool that we had the same teams, like in Diamond I had a very similar team to Ash, but I completed the game before he got them in the English Anime (dont watch the jap version) so its not like i copied him.

    We had all the same team (I had Garchomp, he had Gible) apart from where he had Pikachu I had Luxray.
    If you swapped your Mienshao for a Blitzle we would have exactly the same team!

    Blitzel, Braviary, Leavanny, Darmanitan, Samurott and Zoroark! :D
    I think it could work, but I don't feel now's the right time to answer that question. Like in DP, I felt that Dawn should stay another saga before I saw the GF. After that, I actually felt the writers had gone as far as they could with her and that it would be best if she didn't stay. (I'd still like to see some specials with her or a cameo in this saga). Right now, I feel Cilan could work another saga maybe even more, but maybe that'll change by BW's end.

    You're misunderstanding me. Iris as a character isn't the problem, the way the writers handled her character is. When BW started, I wanted to like Iris, because the writers showed her to have some difficulties raising Axew, having theoretical knowledge of battle, but not a whole lot of practical experience and a lack of improvisation skill. She wasn't obeyed by all her pokémon, etc. I thought all of those elements made for an interesting character had the writers done two things: have her more involved in solving those problems, more engaged in the plot of the episodes, and if they'd shown some qualities to really offset the abrasiveness of the character who seemed just bored to be there and travel with Ash and Cilan. For 29 episodes, they didn't. Starting with the Druddigon epiosde, they started removing magically all her problems (aka the stuff that made her character interesting to begin with) without any development all of Iris' problems while keeping her crap attitude and kinda overglorifying her without it being in any way, shape or form earned. Iris had the potential to be a good sidekick character, but instead, she's become the least interesting main character this show has ever had and the biggest detriment to the enjoyment of this saga.
    Honestly, I think there's a possibility that Dent would get bland if he travelled with Satoshi for another region, though it all depends on what the writers do with him. Brock was the same exact gag each episode so it got boring, much like Team Rocket blasting off, but with Dent, the writers keep it fresh by changing it up and by having him do other things besides his running gag like battling, interacting with Bel, Satoshi and Cabernet, etc. He's not one note so far.

    Honestly, no, there's not one episode where I liked Iris. Nothing the writers had her do on this show ever made her likeable or interesting or entertaining or compelling to me. There's just episodes where Iris hasn't been enough of a factor to bring down the episode as inevitably seems to happen when she gets focus in an episode. Honestly, the better episodes of Best Wishes, were the ones in which she was the least present. Period.
    And at some other forums, you are allowed to post a negative opinion of a character. Here in the Anime section, we want everyone to be able to express their opinion on the show, whether it is positive or negative, as long as they never insult any posters themselves. Why would we want to censor someone's opinion in the forum, considering that it adds to the discussion, when the Anime forum isn't a fanclub? Considering we have several fanclubs in the social groups for characters, it would make absolutely no sense to include such a rule.

    Considering that a character in the Anime is a piece of digital ink and the thoughts of some writers, criticising them isn't an issue as a Pokémon character does not have feelings. Nobody gets hurt unlike when an actual user is insulted. It also stems down to maturity. Being upset over another user criticising a character is immature and here at the Anime section, we want mature discussion where opinions are respected and treated for what they are: simply opinions. Anybody who does get hurt when a favourite character of their's is insulted, in my opinion, should consider taking some time away from the forum to re-evaluate if an opinion on a Pokémon character is worthy of getting upset over.
    But posting negative opinions on other characters isn't against the rules and as long as a post is on topic and isn't insulting someone it's generally allowed.
    Likely because you cannot see the "Reported Posts" forum which shows when official warnings and infractions have been given.

    If you're looking for some ways to avoid trouble, I suggest looking at the Forum rules and the Anime guidelines where we have a breakdown of some of the rules and how they apply to the Anime section.

    Alternatively if you're not sure if something is okay to post or not, just give me a shout and I'll let you know.
    i jsut google search for fan art of my favorite character

    if you know anyone that draw fan art (not banner or avator etc) let me know finding fan art for the character I like is hard.
    Just i have a disability and it make it had for me to spell or do grammar

    and I was insult by a friend a few days ago
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