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  • Oh also, I have another archetype to show you next time owo I just reworked the wording on their text to put them up to standards with the latest cards.
    Are your coworkers cool or are they just kinda "eh?"

    That sounds like my store during the last quarter of the year. :dead: But the sweet, sweet feeling of that not being your problem anymore must be nice. ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶
    Would you rather it be spread out like that or three 9-hour (give or take) days?

    I get more stuff done during longer shifts but it's always such a drag knowing that I'm spending most of a weekend at work, lol. Short shifts fly by like nothing because we're so behind on everything nowadays.
    Definitely not worth the pay, bleh.

    We're in very similar boats then. It's nice having the income to buy some food, gas, videogames, etc. for myself, but the amount I make is nowhere near enough to support myself if I was out on my own. It's difficult trying to figure out a path that is both financially stable while at the same time something I'm not going to hate for the next few decades of my life. The end goal is clear, but the path there is all murky.
    Still, thanks for the kind sentiments, I wish the same for you as well. :D

    And thanks! We know one is having a girl, and we'll find out what the other one is sometime later this month.
    Thanks, man. As you see, I am inactive as well but I come back from time to time
    You are very wise to leave wallposting to the professionals. :cool: [sub](Some of the accidents from faulty construction, oh man, I'd show you but I wouldn't want to scar you for the rest of your life.)[/sub]

    Sour? What happened?
    I hope your new one is better both in how it leaves you feeling at the end of a day and in pay.

    's going all right. I'm still not sure what career path I want to take so that leaves me feeling a mix of depressed and frustrated at times.
    In terms of family stuff, pretty good. Both of my sister-in-laws are pregnant, so by the end of the year hopefully we'll have two new healthy additions to the family. =)
    Sounds cumbersome, or at least to one who wallposts. xD I like having a physical keyboard. But you're right, better than nothing.

    How goes life for jo?
    Here's hoping! :cheers:

    Those first three episodes were really good, I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

    G'night, jo! Nice chatting with you again!
    Ah crap, sorry if I brought up any bad memories of that experience. I know it was pretty awesome when you finally found work. ._.; I hope you'll find something better and maybe closer to home soon.
    Ah. Any chance of getting a newer one, or does this one have to last for the foreseeable future?

    Also, how's work?
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