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  • Ooooh, no I didn't. When did they come back? Those were the single indisputable upside to the XY animation.
    It feels a little unfair to compare the worst of DP to BW onwards because they didn't get of the worst ADs until then, but yeah for sure any episode animated by Kinoshita is incomparably bad.
    BW art was IMO the utter balls of the series, regardless of how I feel about that saga otherwise - do you remember Iris/Dent's last episode where Musashi wore the half-Kojirou costume? Only possible because they looked like clones with different hair! I agree that their designs feel like they are gravitating a little more towards what we're used to (or maybe it's just that we're getting more used to them now?!)
    I can't get over the fact that their bodies are now in proportion(ish) with their heads!! It's a dream come true! I really love Kojirou's redesign in SM actually (I quite like that floofy hair and contemplative expression), but Musashi is still growing on me. I don't like what they did to the front of her hair and those heavy eyelids, but seeing how stiff most of the animation was even in XY I simply can't go back!!!
    Hi! I enjoy VA discussion too. =)

    In fact, SaturnYoshi made an exception for that rule. He's a mod, and he is allowing VA talk, but only for the "Veronica Taylor fanclub" thread. It's in the Clubs section. And you're welcome to come over there, and discuss the 4Kids VAs as much as you want, as long as the discussion is civil. =3

    By the way, I personally don't understand why the staff is still strict with the Anime forum (regarding VA talk). I mean, it's been 5 years and everyone has calmed down about the VA switch. That one thread in the anime forum didn't seem to have any flamewars... Although, I think the user Gliscor'd wanted to start an argument with me, lol. XD
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