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  • Yeah. A lot of interwebs feminists see a misogynist in any man. Of course, they don't think there is even a remote possibility that maybe they seeing sexism where there isn't any. That could never be the case.

    I watched the most recent episode. I really dug it, and now that it is confirmed that this season is the last, I'm gonna watch the rest of the season from here because it certainly feels like the beginning of the end. What I saw of the beginning of the season, other than that first episode (which was good), just felt like the writers were being lazy. Like they were coasting, with a lot of it similar to the first two seasons; House is a brilliant dick, wash, rince, repeat. It didn't feel like it was leading anywhere. And Charlyne Yi was really starting to annoy me.

    All that being said, when Shore and his team get together to come up with a multi-episode arc, they almost always have something really damn good up their sleeves. And I expect they've got something big cooking for the end of the series. I wouldn't be surprised if Shore has had the basic skeleton of how this show will end pretty well set up since the beginning. It won't be happy, that's for sure. The furthest into "happy" it'll tread is "neutral". But I fully expect something bleak as fuck, and may be somewhat disappointed otherwise.
    Of the classic Docs, Five is my favorite. Modern? Eleven all the way.

    Keldora is probably not showing up until a few chapters into season four, when I send everyone off to college.
    :3 I'm glad to hear it, even if we're sad to see you leave us. But if that what helps you on your way, then that's what you have to do. We understand.

    XD And good luck on the job hunting, even if the B&N thing doesn't pan out.
    Yeah, Hugh Laurie being hot doesn't factor into my assessment of House. Just my assessment of Hugh Laurie.

    I actually haven't gotten a chance to watch anything post-episode 1 of this season yet. My interwebs have been dead until today. I do like Charlyne Yi enough, though.
    I DVR House and watch it after it airs, typically, to avoid commercials. Idiot me forgot FOX was airing the MLB Playoffs and I forgot to set my DVR to record about 45 min - 1 hour over the normal House hour block. So I'm going to watch on Hulu sometime before next Monday. I did really like the premiere though. I don't think the series will ever reach the quality of the whole Kutner/"Broken" arc again, but the premiere was a lot better than it could have been. It could have been ugly.
    Well I'm in the fanbase of The Good Wife (just not on the interwebs, as with most things), but I think the House+Cuddy fans who try to jump to Good Wife will unfortunately lose their shit. Half of that show is all about on-and-off relationships and dirt from the past and shit. They'll see it as a primetime soap-opera and love it despite not getting it (like House).

    And yeah, I did like last season. It would have been better had they not dwelled on the House/Cuddy relationship for as long as they did, as it felt that after the badass musical/breakup episode they were rushing to close the story. They should have given themselves nearly half a season for House to deal with Cuddy cutting him off.

    As for the new boss, my money is on Wilson, seeing as all that has been revealed about Cuddy's replacement is that they're a character we already know. I like the idea of House losing the one person who enables him, with Wilson having to be responsible. That means no bets involving chickens. I'm assuming House gets out of prison at some point this season (I hope they don't rush that), and I'm interested in how on Earth he gets his job back (Wilson being the new boss could allow for this to happen believably).
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