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  • Hey! I just got a Miricale! I've been breeding for a good Eevee.
    I ended up with a special Eevee.
    That has a modet nature and great IVs.
    I plan on having it become a glaceon.
    And was wondering if you could help me out with a set.
    So far I've gotten this done.

    Nature: Modest.
    IV: 15HP,15DF,15SPDF,15Atk,15SPATK,15SPD.
    Frost breath, Wish, Calm mind, Shadowball.
    yep alakazam was pretty good before gen 4. Gen 4 had scizor and choice scarf(and a lot more) to screw him up. Psyshock has its benfits, namely messing blissey up and winning cm wars but there are a lot more physical walls than special wall, so, Psychic is also pretty attractive.

    Yeah, magic guard is the best. no recoil LO boosted moves or an always guaranteed unbroken focus sash or even the ability to use alaka as a status absorber(not paralysis or sleep) is just too good.
    Thanks! I figured I could use him for a new trick room I've been working on.
    My team would be built up of some favorites, like dusknoir.
    How about this?

    +Def and -SpD.
    30HP, 30Def, 30Atk.
    Cotten guard.
    Suck punch.
    Shadow claw.
    Will o wisp.
    I've got a shiny(Well, not a shiny poke) Bannette waiting for me in the dreamworld.
    This banette happens to be the special one with Cotten guard and cursed body. And I was wondering if there was any way I could make use of it's exclusive move?
    Yeah. I come and check my sprite shop every day or so. I spend a lot of time on Pokefarm. I recenly quit a forum I was very active on, so I have more free time.
    Soo the story was b/w related? XD who knew? ^_^

    btw wna trade with me someday

    i hope u r well! i am^^ im gonna work on my ash costume soon lulz x3;
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