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  • Oh, man, she'll talk your head off about Black Veil Brides.

    Listened to any absolutely fucking incredible albums lately? *just listened to an absolutely fucking incredible album and feels compelled to shove it down everyone and anyone's throats*
    Well, here's her profile page, if that's what you're asking. If I remember correctly, you have to be her friend before you can VM her, but hey, you could shoot the breeze about Black Veil Brides to accomplish that.
    Oh, don't even get me started on how much she'll go on and on about Black Veil Brides. Go ask her yourself!
    So are you happy with the clothes or would you rather have had something else? Sorry, can't really make up the tone of your vm ^^"
    Thanks! Blazaking made it for me.

    I can't really choose between 10 and 11, honestly. 5, 7, and 9 are also among my favorites.
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