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  • Go Rush, you say? Are you perchance a fan of the card game anime?
    sorry to bother you if not. or you are but just don't wish to speak to some rando.
    Yeah, the rush-era anime has been really fun, for sure! GO RUSH so far has been a wild ride that I've thoroughly enjoyed, and the two rush duel series have also had some of my favorite characters in the franchise.
    Lief Katano
    Lief Katano
    Yeah! The characters are definitely super good. I love both Yuga and Yudias.

    In general I think I prefer SEVENS a bit more, but GO Rush definitely still has super good moments... And I like its openings more overall. That's gotta count for something, right??
    Yeah, makes sense. I think I vibe with Go Rush a little more personally, but the difference in my enjoyment of the two is fairly slight and I definitely see why someone might prefer Sevens. Yuga and Yuudias amazing protags for sure, and they've both got great main supporting casts as well (the twins in Go RUSH are so good and the main four in Sevens honestly just have an amazing dynamic). OP wise I actually think I'm the opposite of you though, SEVENS openings for me (excluding the... thing the dub gave us) are both very very good imo; Go RUSH's openings are also good (well, I'm still kinda mixed on the new one, but I think it'll grow on me) but yeah.
    Omg lief I didn't know you changed your username-- I'm slow on this news

    Thank you very much, sir Erdrick!
    Hello Lief.

    I just thought I'd leave a visitor message for the hell of it since that's how we mainly used to communicate! I hope you're having an A+ evening (I don't know the emotes here TT_TT).
    Thank you and oh my god that's such a cute picture of N I feel like printing it out and pasting it on my wall.
    Not too bad. Unemployed once again, which is shit. How's school going?
    I could Bayleef that. Don't blame you for not playing FPSs, I'm not too big on those either. (Though I thought this was a TPS, or that you could toggle between them.) I guess if you really liked Vincent or were a collector of all things FF(VII) it'd be a worthwhile purchase.

    Who's your favorite character from that series in the franchise? I'm assuming it's not Vincent, lol.
    I didn't think Cloud was in there for some reason. I watched my friend play a bit of it, but didn't see him, so I just assumed he wasn't in the game. [/faillogic]
    waah why would they restart it? And do you think the game was worth playing? I heard quite a few complaints about it.

    I still have that solace. TwT
    Οh, I had no clue :) Sorry for sending your Pokemon out without asking you xD
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