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  • Blast from the past. Hope you’re doing well!
    Princess of Lumas
    Princess of Lumas
    It's been a minute or two, hasn't it? I remembered how much I miss forum culture and the "old" internet. Thank you for the welcome back! :^)
    I feel like you're not alone in that respect. I've seen others come back saying the same thing. I imagine as social media continues to evolve, we'll see more and more people saying the same thing as well.
    You're correct in the fact that I wasn't thinking of your previous VM in relation to the one I posted afterwards. And it's okay, I should have thought a little more before posting in the first place. And it's just...I don't know. It's that you all share similar interests in like, everything, and none of those categories I seem to fit into. The only ones who come close are Cap in the musical department, and Lief in the games department.
    Are you ever gonna respond to my PM? Lol i remember you used to take so long during the old days too
    Oh gosh...I'm sorry. I've been making jokes at you for like several days now, and I'll stop. I mean I see Lief and jokool make jokes, or similar jokes, and I think it's okay, but then it's like, I guess you're all actually good friends and that's how it's different...I mean I use the strikethrough to show that I'm joking, but I guess it doesn't have the same effect as a tone of voice, haha...

    I'm sorry, I really am. I never meant to hurt you or anyone. I promise. I really don't want to lose a friend over this.
    Same, tbh. Although I'm scared to see what society will be like in 100 years.

    Ah, okay. Looks like nothing's changed :I
    A few decades? D: Hopefully like ten! xD

    That has never happened to me; actually I've only gotten one infraction (for being an idiot) and five warnings in four years here.
    You're not dead just yet?

    Honestly same. I've been getting a little back into it, but not much.

    You may remember me as the first guy you really talked to on here an old friend whom you used to talk to a lot (Zabimaru, Red, PokéLegend, whatever). If you're still confused, I was the guy that I think you first told about your... brother.

    Yeah it's me! :D I barely come on here anymore except once in a while, but I still really wanna talk to you, so if you have a gmail or something you could give me that'd be awesome.

    Can't wait to catch up. Seeya for now
    Okay, okay!

    But RPs usually have "No sex" or whatever in the rules.

    You. :I

    No. Abstract pictures of boobs are good, though.
    Are you sure?

    ...I don't think that ever happens. Ever.

    ...roleplaying games? Or do you mean the other thing?

    I just thought you'd like it.
    What did you mean by "In other words yes >.>"

    Which may make more posts while you're reading through it...

    Remind me why this is one of the only two reasons I stay on here.

    Also: do you like this?
    Hm, odd.

    Now can we get back on topic?

    Yeah, I guess that's infuriating. And if you're in a popular RP, then just going to sleep and waking up may make you go "wait, what just happened?".
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