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  • Forgive me, but I'll be dropping out of Cascadia. I've been there quite some time, and would like a change of scenery. D: I do appreciate you taking the time out for me, and I did enjoy the adventures I had in Cascadia. Thank you, and until next time. :eek:
    Whoa. Already dude? I wasn't expecting you to leave until tomorrow or Tuesday. Oh well, Have a safe trip and have fun wherever you're going.
    Hmm. I see. Well I knew nothing about ASB before, but after reading about it, it really sounds fun so I decided to try it. :D The site is called Spiritual Lights. I'll send you a PM with the link since its easier to get to that way than by googling it.
    Ah. That's cool. A change of scenery should open up a whole new set of options.

    Awww. That stinks. Oh well. The offer still stands in case in the future you decide you wanna join somewhere else. There's also an ASB league there too :D
    Aww. C'mon. There's gotta be something left to do. Go to the movies! Go to the beach! Go by a friend's house.! Play a game you haven't played in a couple of years! Run around the house until you get dizzy!

    Oh, I asked because there is the forum in on that needs new members and they're also having a spriting competition and I remembered that you're an awesome spriter.
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