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  • The things we gamers will do to get the exact bit of data in a game we need. :loopy:
    You'll hurt Sleep's feelings if you cal it ugly. And after how loyal and forgiving it's been to you over the years. :(
    I spent two hours in that damn cave looking for a Timid Tynamo. xD But I understand that feeling too, even if they're just pixels. Would rather just pick out six Mons at the start and then only train those, even if it means going half the game with only three party members until I can acquire the others.
    Mightyena was my favorite Pokémon prior to Gen V. <3
    I blame my not beating the Frontier Brains on not having the drive to bother challenging them. xD
    I'd rather have direct sequels, but if it ended up just being more post-game stuff I wouldn't complain. Not that I ever got to that point, but it's still nice to have that option. xD
    Isn't that what they say with every new installment? xD Though with the 2 added to the title it would be neat if these were somehow direct sequels instead of Unova all over again with just a new Legendary as the mascot and a bit more post-game material.
    Because when you play Pokémon, you'll need that extra cash to buy one game for the price of two. Or in BW's case one game for the price of four.
    It must have been quite a shock to find such a creepy boss at the end of such a funny game when it first came out and you weren't expecting it.
    Sounds quite healthy. The different types of it came up in my sociology of religion class when we were learning about Hinduism. Neat stuff.
    Yeah, I've heard it. It's either the creepiest coincidence in the history of gaming or the creepiest subliminal message in the history of gaming.
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