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  • Well, it was HGSS, aka "old generation bait," so they had to make it quite pleasing to pass, focusing instead in the nostalgia value and the fanservice. We'd be better of comparing the Platinum, or even the Diamond/Pearl versions XD

    Hee hee hee XD "Press A until the credits roll!" Nice gaming philosophy! ...maybe I could finally beat someone in Smash Bros. with that. And yeah, I think the emotional impact will be more appropriately seen in the English version... if at all.

    And, hey, what do you think of the names? And of the Isshu renaming? :p

    Hee hee hee, thank God we don't have news in the L&B front either, huh? XD With a little bit of luck, she'll quit writing it, leave it without end... because she evidently now knows she's ran herself into a damned corner XP

    My M-rated thing is slowly growing into a... well, series of two two-shots (alternating POVs, like it seems to be popular at FF.net for PMS). And I'm also forming my "dictionary" XD
    They might, yes. But perhaps we should analyze money gain on, say, the Japanese HGSS VS the rate at the NA HGSS version... If there is a change, then they will censor so you don't grow up with illusions of getting rich reduce the moneyz.

    You're awesome! :D How could you reach so far? (just walking forward or what? XD)

    OK, you called it. But I say she will make a sequel hook, because she can't just renounce to all the attention she's getting from that piece of sh*t. How she does that, I don't know, because there's no way readers are putting up with her for much longer, you know? D:

    ...and GAH!!! Admitting hasn't yet updated! DX I'm so sad!
    Gosh, I bet you that, as a part of translating it, they'll censor reduce the money given to you to make the game harder XD ...or inflate the prices somehow.

    So, is the game good? :3

    And, damn, what I can't wait for is the last chapter of Admitting. There'll even be a sequel! :D ...because, honestly, L&B is crap and crap it will remain; no need waiting for it XD (I'm curious too)
    Yeah, I noticed XP But whatever, I bet you were busy IRL D: *has been herself* How have you been? :3

    And I'm effing reviewing as soon as she's done with that mess of a fic :mad: Because, honestly, I got very offended at her assumption that only school bullies would think her stuff is CRAP!!! (and as a bully ex-victim, I can tell that she couldn't be more wrong than to think that; bullies don't fucking care what their victims do in their free time)

    ...and gosh, I don't even read the author notes since that incident. Only 5 left? No way she can fix it. Not even Harry Potter or any other famous wizard/magician could fix it with all the power in the world XD
    Hi! :D It's been so long since I last wrote to you...! Sorry! D:

    But, hey, I bring news on L&B: we now have Lyra in there too D: And Lilacbird thinks she's receiving the "bad reviews" (only honest reviews, actually) from the bullies at her school. How tremendously wrong she is with that... It's almost offensive.

    So far, I have ten members in! :D *so happy*

    Hee hee hee, I'll get the game, don't worry :p
    There's no Lyra in there, so I guess it won't be SoulSilverShipping ever... But, seriously, by this point, either MangaQuest or SoulSilver is fine D: *wants it to be over in a logical way*

    Thanks, honey! :3 I want this little group to be successful... but I don't know how to make it so XD

    Well, Gray seems predictable, but it's the most probable name to be used (Kyurem is gray, the mix of White and Black is gray, etc.). And are you referring to the whole "ojousama" business? :/ I hope they don't...

    I guess you're right XD Have to play, 'cause preview videos could be bad quality and stuff. Still, I find the intro odd XP

    ...what have you been doing? :3 (me? Not much; I spent 12hrs without eating, however XD *too busy*)
    You should know better! :mad: It's almost a tradition by now! (seriously, what do the "leaps" and "bounds" mean? It's like one forward, one or two backward, so with every new chapter everything gets worse... and more likely to be MangaQuest XP)

    I guess so... I made a group for it, anyways XD (I sooo need fanart! And more fics for that list)

    Doesn't matter whether N is a rival or an antagonist or Makomo's test subject or Black/White's dad. The thing is that, with the high incidence of redeemed villains, the probability of N becoming the Gray individual is... nice XD (small, but not too small; enough to give hope!)

    If Black's hair was chocolate brown...:
    Kayi (or "starved uni student"): *approaches from behind, licks*
    Black: Eeewww!
    Anyways, I didn't like this gen's graphics (I've been seeing them on YouTube), so you must be calling him "pretty" from the artwork XP
    What do I suspect she will...? It'll be a copy of a previous chapter, with this and that changed so she can pass it as a new chapter, like always XD

    I guess you don't know any of it, but I'll give you a clue: so far, Ariana still is not Silver's mom and Giovanni remains missing D: *distressed for her fic's sake*

    I was theorizing Gray might be N, considering the word "nezumiiro" ("gray") is quite popular for the color in Japan. But others keep insisting otherwise, since the word can also be translated as "rat color" XD (Japanese is so amusing!)

    Not precisely white, but if you see her pic, you'll notice her eyes seem lighter than anyone else's D: They might actually be light gray when shown in colored artwork...

    Yeah, I agree that he looks plain with black hair, but we can only wait and see and hope he gets awesomely brown hair :D (like, chocolate brown; he'll be delicious! *shoots self*)
    I was talking about leaving it for later XD Both the review for L&B and its page at the Horrible namespace at TV Tropes. I insist, I'm a busy person.

    LOL, I'll look for it then! XD And gosh, I have to update the HGSS topic with the new info we got...! D: Because, I mean, it's all most of us have until they start publishing the arc in volumes and someone bothers translating and stuff...

    Yeah, I guess so too :/ And I also wonder how they'll handle two protagonists, two rivals and N, not to mention this potential "Gray" person for the third version that should come out some time from now D: Hee hee hee XD Seriously, "looking to the side" doesn't fix it, just like Prof.Araragi's porn-actress look won't leave her now!

    His eyes can't be lighter if he's to be named Black D: *insane troll logic* But his hair... Just wait and see; I'm sure they can't deviate that much from the original design, and that at worst it'll be the color of White's.
    I was going to take my time whether you OKed it or not XD (that statement sooo reminds me of Chapter 2 of Garnets and Cherries; the jerkitude runs in my veins instead of blood)

    Yeah! XD I saved it, even! (your edited pic with the pointer) I think I should totally add it to my PMS album :3 ...and, come on, shipping wars at Bulbapedia? They'd not live for long, no need to be paranoid D:

    There isn't much to see of White in that pic (which is odd, 'cause heroes should always feature prominently). I'd say I'm glad we agree on N, except it's such a sad issue I truly don't know, so... yeah, they ruined him D: (where is the N from the game artwork, that looked so sure and smirky and sexy?!) And Black's hair might be brown; they could be darkening it for the manga, but show it as it is for the manga artwork in the covers, don't you think and hope so? :3
    I'll need more time to do it D: *too busy; is currently a high-school teacher, an almost graduated uni student, a consulting group member, a new tech developer, and many things more* But don't worry, when I do, you'll be the first to know XD

    Yeah! >:D *wins, along with the other PMShippers* And, hee hee hee, I didn't know it was you :3 How awesome! Also, I think the HGSS arc will be good for us PMShippers :3 Aside from you noticing Gold was staring improperly at Silver, there's the redhead's "*gasp* you're here!" face from the September issue back in August :D ...seriously, can't wait solely for this!

    N looks rather... not-nice and very aged and possibly stoned, so far. And Prof.Araragi looks like a retired porn actress would look like, but... whatever XD You know what? I think the manga authors are taking too much attention at Pixiv, so they kinda made Black ukeish for ya-know-who :3 *drools*
    I think he has read our conversations and he decided to troll me saying it was good, to be honest XD But I'm not insisting, you know?

    Hee hee hee XD Even My Immortal got in the So Bad It's Good section, but L&B totally deserves the So Bad It's Horrible one D: *puts Post-It on wall: make the Horrible/L&B TV Tropes entry*

    Yeah! :D He totally didn't see her, and you know? She hasn't shown as much skin before XD And we all know he's such a perv, and he didn't jump on her and stuff! It's such a good signal! :D *so happy* Also, we'll have to wait until it's released in volumes -.- *unhappy; bipolar*

    Saw Black, yes D: Didn't like him either; looks so girly. I bet that, when N shows up, he'll top him easily. Likewise for Cheren. And Prof.Araragi, Bel and White... He looks so ukeish, and it doesn't suit him :/ *unhappy x2* And I doubt he's a performer; he seems more like a hunter (similar to the capture pro Crystal is supposed to be; he seems to be after the furry Ditto aka Zorua)
    He says "it was good". I don't think he even read the first chapter... XP

    And LOL on the reviews! XD Totally deserves them! (especially the "this is not Pokemon, b****!" one) But, gosh, I still want to finish other stuff before I freaking dare landing my own blow; I was considering creating an entry for the fic in the Horrible namespace at TV Tropes meanwhile, however.

    Yeah, you were the "Gold will glomp Silver" supporter XD *hands over a cookie* And, hey, Gold totally ignored Crystal, I just noticed! :O She went like "OMG! Gold! :D" and he was like "f***, this place is cold; where the f*** are we?" and turning to the other side XD

    Literotica... Oh God, I remembered my exboyfriend with that; he pointed me out to that website, with hopes I'd sleep with him from reading enough pr0n. It didn't happen, mostly because the idiot had broken up with me two years prior XD (what an idiot)
    ...we're so mean. Nobody deserves to be shown to the monster L&B is XD

    Meh, I'll hopefully get enough from PokeSpe by the time the English version gets to us. This is mainly 'cause I don't think I'll have the means to obtain the game at all, and secondly 'cause I prefer the manga-verse to every other XD

    Yup. Coronis at Serebii provided it for a summary, and I had to totally take note and bring it to you, my fellow PMShipper :3 ...I've been fangasming like crazy since I first saw it, not to mention every single time I remember about it XD (Silver's expression is priceless! And, goodness, he and Gold get along so well...! *faints*)

    I'm the same with my M-rated story :( Worst bit: Admitting is catching up, and next chapter is pr0n already. I don't want to come off as unoriginal, but I don't think I can beat that author... Fortunately, it doesn't have a L&B-like plot, so no worries XD

    Yup :D
    Yeah, I should tell him to read it >:3 *devilish*

    Aaaaww, that's sad D: The story on N and Team Plasma seems "awesome" XD

    Nope, I don't think Gold even greeted Crystal at all in the whole of HGSS! :D *glad* And wasn't the Gold/Silver pic the best you've ever seen from the manga?! :3 *adores it*

    ...hey, where's that fic, woman? :mad: *shakes you*

    AH!!! :O *fangasm* Nice IsshuShipping pic XD
    It has only gotten far in quantity, but otherwise I bet they're still in the same good bad ol' state you last saw them in XD
    Hee hee hee, yup :3 Also, at least the previous Pope wasn't part of the modern Inquisition before becoming, you know, the Pope... D: *scared of the current one*

    Well, all the N spoilers are already at the Team Plasma topic :( *sad* How far in the game are you now?

    ...also, you seen this?! 8D *crazy for them*
    I was referring to "monstrous" proportions when I said that, though it's also horrible and scary to look at from the literary value angle XD

    Everyone can wear white in a ceremony, except for a groom at a wedding, who looks like Barbie's Ken ("unintentionally gay") if he does XD Anyways, I knew the Pope was freaky and that the previous one was awesome, but the fact is that we didn't know about pedopriests because the previous one was actually covering it up so well nobody noticed until now...

    Hee hee hee... Are you playing as Black? *random question*
    I'll make sure she hears it, but she'll get awarded only if she manages to finish her monster fic XP

    N is in the process of being crowned in that scene, so he doesn't dress as a King would typically do, but as the ceremony demands (there's even the... mmm... cape(?) the guys are carrying as he walks toward the "throne" in the opening scene). And SHIII--!!! That Pope is scary, pal; looks like Palpatine XD
    If she ever ends her fic, I'll be sure to review it as badly as I possibly can XD *isn't actually good at being bad*

    And I disagree; N doesn't look like the Pope, but like a King just crowned by one. There's a difference :p (though yeah, Team Plasma is very religiousy; I finally included this in Garnets and Cherries' TV Tropes page)
    Hee hee hee XD Nah, I truly don't care about English bad words and stuff; since it's not my language, they don't have the same weight...

    Damn, I got them up! XD *lowers them back to a realistic level* But yeah, I knew that. However, I don't think she can truly delete reviews that are given out by fellow FF.net authors... right? Or has she acquired that power recently somehow and I didn't take notice?
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